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The Original Shadow Work Journal

The Shadow Work Journal is a powerhouse spiritual tool designed to help you explore the deepest and darkest corners of your psyche. 

Note: this journal is also included in our Spiritual Awakening Bundle!

Note: there is no physical version of this journal. However, you will receive a 100% printable version (which can be printed at home, at your local library, or print shop) and a digital version to use on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

We all have inner demons … have you met yours?

Your Shadow is your dark side – the place within you that causes you to feel scared, ashamed, ugly, and unworthy.

Most of us prefer to suppress, deny, and disown our Shadow … to our doom.

When we don’t face our Shadow, it claws its way into our waking reality and manifests through relationship breakdown, addictions, chronic physical illness, self-hatred, alienation, severe mental illness, and disconnection from the Divine.

Are you willing to face what your parents, peers, and society have rejected within you? Are you courageous enough to walk the path less traveled? Do you want to be free? Would you like to experience unconditional self-love finally?

If so, Shadow Work is absolutely essential for you to experience.


The activities presented within this Shadow Work Journal are not for lukewarm spiritual seekers. This Journal will challenge, provoke, trigger, and cause you to dive deep.

If you are not prepared to do deep inner work, this Journal may not be for you. If you aren’t willing to revisit traumas, be brutally honest, and excavate the darkest corners of your shame, please don’t waste any more time. We say this with earnestness: at this point in your journey, this Journal may be too deep and intense. That’s fine. We’re all at different parts of our journey.

This Journal is for those who are in a space where they’re willing to face their demons and experience true bone-deep change and transformation. Please heed our warning and understand the gravity of this work.

Why Shadow Work?

Quite simply, Shadow Work is one of the most genuine and powerful paths towards healing, integration, wholeness, and spiritual illumination.

It was Carl Jung (the psychologist who first wrote about the Shadow) who once said:

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Simply following the path of “love and light” will not heal you of your wounds. Putting a sparkly, feel-good band-aid over everything negative within you won’t make it go away. In order to ascend, we must first descend. In order to be truly joyous, fulfilled, and awakened beings, we must go on a journey into our own personal Underworlds.

Shadow Work is a vital part of the spiritual path because it honors the need to explore and embrace all parts of us. Unlike many spiritual practices out there, Shadow Work doesn’t bypass or escape from the uncomfortable aspects of existence. When doing Shadow Work, we explore everything that makes us feel fearful, angry, sad, hateful, jealous, and guilt-ridden in order to integrate and release it.

Ultimately, without exploring the Shadow, we operate from a lopsided, malnourished, and immature state of consciousness. Only through Shadow Work can we become free to heal, forgive, love, grow, and transform.

What You’ll Receive

The Shadow Work Journal includes:

  • x 60+ journaling prompts and activities designed to help you deep-dive into the depths of your unconscious mind
  • x 20+ beautiful full-page color images to inspire you
  • x 1 PDF printable version (formatted for home or professional printing)
  • x 1 PDF interactive/editable digital version (available to use on your PC, tablet, or phone)
  • all future updated versions for free

(Please note that the images of the spiral-bound Journal featured above are for display purposes only. You will need to print and bind your Shadow Work Journal in your own time.)

This journal can be printed unlimited times (for personal use only), so it is a good investment of money as you can revisit the journal again and again throughout your path.

Journal Details

Pages: 104 (digital), 142 (printable PDF)

Language: English

Format: PDF


What happens after I have paid?

Once you have paid via credit card or Paypal, you’ll be sent all the juicy details for accessing this journal to your email. If you can’t find the email, please check your spam, junk, or ‘promotions’ folder. If you still can’t find the email, please contact the Luna & Sol team here.

Is this journal digital or print?

This journal is digital, and you’ll receive digital/printable PDF files. You won’t receive anything in the mail – instead, you’ll be able to download your journal soon after purchasing quickly!

The digital files can be worked through on your phone, iPad, Tablet, or desktop computer. (In other words, you can write and save your answers in the digital version.)

The printable PDF allows you to have a hard copy of this journal. Simply print it at home or go to your local printers and ask them to print and bind this journal for you (we give you more guidance in the FAQ document that comes with this journal).

Can I edit the journal on my phone? 

Yes! This journal contains editable fields for you to enter your thoughts and feelings and then save your responses. You most likely already have a PDF viewer on your phone, but if not, we recommend downloading Foxit PDF Reader, which works with both Android and Apple phones (you can download the PDF reader for free here:

What currency is the price?

All prices are in USD. But you can use the currency converter next to the USD price to convert to the closest currency to yours.

I have purchased (or am considering purchasing) multiple journals on this website. Which one do I do first?

If you want to simply start your inner work, we recommend beginning with the Self-Love Journal, Inner Child Journal, then the Shakra Journal, Shadow Work Journal, and finally, the Dark Night of the Soul Journal (which you can reserve for particularly difficult periods of life).

On the other hand, if you’re going through a dark and painful time right now, we recommend starting with the Dark Night of the Soul Journal, followed by the Self-Love Journal, Inner Child Journal, and then the Shakra or Shadow Work Journal.

I have downloaded the journal, but it’s not opening.

There are a few things you can do: (1) ensure that you have the latest version of Foxit PDF Reader, available at, and (2) download the files again using the link that was emailed to you. (3) If you still have issues, please contact us.

I can’t find the email with the details about downloading my journal.

Please check your spam, junk, or ‘promotions’ folder. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this content, there are no refunds. If you’d like to sample our work, please see the hundreds of free articles we’ve offered on or our Shadow Self Workbook freebie if you’re interested in purchasing a journal. Please take a moment to deeply consider your needs before committing to making a purchase. If you have questions before purchasing, please reach out to support.


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89 reviews for Shadow Work Journal

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 89 reviews)
Very good5%



April 28, 2024

So helpful , this journal gives you valuable guidance , especially when you need a starting point and a way to work through stuff

Much appreciated

Thank you


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you Sara!

January 6, 2024

I felt something was blocking me but just couldn’t find any explanation until I came across your website and the article about “Shadow Work “. I thought I had got over the negative issues I had experienced as a child but reading this article made me realize I had buried the memories and that they were still there deep inside me. I purchased the shadow work journal and started on it straight away. I was totally unaware of the shadows I had been carrying around all these years. Now I am well on my way, but not finished yet and already, not only do I feel a lot better but everything in and around me is changing for the better, I feel reborn, totally guided and cared for. Rediscovering and taking loving care of my inner child has also made a big difference to the way I feel. Thanks to your advice, clear and down to earth explanation, kind hearted words I feel I am now starting a complete new chapter in my life and the coincidences just don’t stop. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your work, I will definitely advise it to anyone who searching for answers to awareness


Response from LonerWolf Shop

“I feel reborn, totally guided and cared for” – this is so meaningful and precious. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jennifer! ♡

November 10, 2023

I love the though provoking questions. This work is hard and important. I just wish that it was an actual printed journal rather than a journal that I printed. Just doesn’t hold the same feeling to have something I have printed out. 🙁

July 14, 2023

I started this journal about 4 days ago. It’s in-depth, deeply thought-provoking. It awakens long-buried memories and feeling in need to further exploration. I really like it. Thank you!


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you for sharing this! ♡

June 25, 2023

The Shadow Work Journal is accompanying, guiding and supporting my journey to self discovery and developing self compassion & self love. It is only through these valuable insights that I dare to go further and deeper into unknown terrain. I feel understood and deeply supported by Luna&Sol who have walked this path before me. Thank you for being such a pivotal force in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am at today without your gentle, genuine and profound guidance.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you sincerely, Karin 🤗 ❤️

February 19, 2023

Insightfull, very usefull tool to really get to know yourself, your wellhidden shadows and dive into the depths of your soul. Definitely worth purchasing!


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you Rhona ♡

February 18, 2023

I am gaining a lot of benefit from the workbook. I use it every day as part of my morning spiritual practices. It makes me think, consider, and feel about things I don’t often think about. Thank you for such a great tool for self-exploration and transformation!

Kris S.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thanks Kris! ❤

February 4, 2023

I own a wellness center in Illinois and when it is time for my clients to start their shadow work, I always suggest this one. It helped me see a lot of things I was unaware of and really helped move my own journey along.

Erin B.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you for sharing this, Erin! We really appreciate your review ❤

November 7, 2022

Tot me, the journal is a very helpfull tool to get to know myself.

Without it would be much harder, of not impossible.

In addition, you have access to lots of high quality articles.

Very good work!

Antoon G.
September 3, 2022

I have only just begun this work and already feel less burdened by the weight of my shadow. More to do though. I am impressed n the scope and breadth of topics Luna and Sol have collated. I can’t see anything left out! I look forward to making more progress and dealing the benefits. Thank you both! Xx

July 18, 2022

Everything about this website and products is outstanding! I bought Shadow Work journal as a guide and it’s a good one! Learning to love all of you is important to growing spiritually but most important is knowing who you are and that means all of yourself not just the parts you deem “good”.

Lisa S.
July 5, 2022

I attempted to purchase the journal around April 2022 however I did not receive it. It may have been lost in the cyber universe. I tried to respond a couple of time but with no luck. I understand this occasionally happens but I would still like the journal I purchased. Thank you for all the great content!


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Hi Steven, thank you for letting us know. I’m not sure why this happened (likely an issue with the spam filters of Comcast, be sure to add shop[at] to your whitelist). I’ve reached out to support on your behalf and they should contact you promptly. So sorry for the inconvenience. Best wishes, Luna

June 19, 2022

Very rich, thoughful and useful tool to bring light in to the dark. Darkness becomes an other quality and is the door to self-compassion and self-love and a new freedom to truly live your life as you are meant. Everybody can get there with this great guide.

April 27, 2022

This has really opened the honesty portion of deeper work. It also allowed me to work with a shamanic healer/Reiki Master to connect with my Power Animal without fear. The journal is perfect for me in that I struggle with getting started, so questions were great. The encouraging quotes in between writing also helped me feel on track. Thank you, Luna and Sol for your dedication and love to all.

March 7, 2022

My heroes are no longer heroes and my villains no longer villains. My story was a lie, not a big lie but a multiple of little lies.

Thank you for starting me on this journey of discovery.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

What powerful realizations Brendan! Thank you so much for leaving this review ♡

October 2, 2021

Really love how well written this was. It definitely opened my eyes and was very much worth the price! Keep it up!

August 30, 2021

I found the Shadow Work Journal crystalized a lot of questions and issues for me that were/are relevant in my life. There is nothing like this available elsewhere. This kind of spiritual working is I believe essential but is too often ignored. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious”. C. Jung. There are too many “light courses” available in the wider world of consumer spirituality which are presented by, and attract those, who ignore or are unaware of the fact that “spirituality starts at home!” Self observation, honesty, emotional pain and a host of unpleasant realisations have to be dealt with and the Journal is a useful way of doing this. I wish I’d started sooner.

Ian C.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Wonderful, thank you so much Ian ❤

August 24, 2021

I don’t spend money frivolously, and I’ve learned a lot of self-help tips and tricks over the years. Luna and Sol caught my attention about a year ago. They are not the typical gloss-over type so I invested in myself by purchasing the Shadow Work Journal. I am not disappointed! I was asked deep thought provoking questions which helped me tie up some loose ends. Thanks!

Kathleen L.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you Kathleen ♡

June 18, 2021

Dear luna and Sol,

This journal has given me so much insight.

Sometimes very hard but very fulfilling.

The journals are really beautiful, the pictures and text really speak to me.

Thank u xoxo

June 5, 2021

I am working through this journal slowly, as I feel like I am going through the dark night of the soul as well. I easily resonate with what I am reading here. Acknowledging and getting to know those aspects of myself that I have not been willing to see is challenging work. At the age of 66, and having just quick work and moved to another state in Australia, after being in the previous location of 32 years has proved challenging and this work has been very helpful to gain some groundedness in the process.

Rhonda R.

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