The Spiritual Awakening Bundle

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Immerse yourself in a world of illuminating insight, soul-centered wisdom, and crystal-clear guidance inside our Spiritual Awakening Bundle.


The majority of books within this bundle (with the exception of the journals that come as PDF files) come in three formats:

  • PDF (can be printed out or read on your phone, tablet, or computer)
  • ePub (can be read on Kobo, Nook eReaders, etc., or on any eReader app)
  • mobi (can be read on Kindle eReader or eReader apps) 


Find your spiritual purpose. Deepen your self-understanding. Learn to embrace who you are.

Let us show you how.

  • Want to find your spiritual destiny?
  • Struggle to fit in with others?
  • Desperately need some clear guidance?
  • Sense that you have a gift but don’t know how to use it?
  • Feel lost, demotivated, and alone?
  • Ready to connect with the love and wisdom of your Soul?

That’s what we’ll show you how to do in our Spiritual Awakening Bundle.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of illuminating insight, wisdom, and crystal-clear guidance.

Together, we have close to 30 years of combined intensive experience on the awakening journey. Along the way, we have seen, experienced, and worked with many of the greatest issues on the path of awakening. In this bundle, you’ll find our distilled wisdom, understanding, and guidance to help you navigate the perilous waters of the inner journey.

So, who are we?

Luna & Soul image
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Our names are Luna and Sol, and we run one of the most widely read spiritual websites on the internet. Each year, we receive over 3,000,000 visits and thousands of emails from lost and desperate spiritual seekers. As spiritual educators and guides, our goal is to help all souls in pain find clarity, hope, self-love, and spiritual direction.

You’ll find clear, easy-to-understand, and down-to-earth guidance – all available instantly at the click of a button.

$109.99 – Add To Cart!

This bundle will help you to:

  • Have a holistic mind-body-heart-spirit map to healing
  • Explore shadow beliefs and begin shadow work
  • Reconnect with and heal your wounded inner child
  • Discover how to embrace who you are (no matter what) fully
  • Empower yourself in the midst of the dark night of the soul and soul loss
  • Learn about our #1 tool for handling emotional pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression at a core level
  • Discover your spiritual purpose
  • Directly connect with your heart and soul
  • … and so much more.

Relax with a cup of tea or coffee and be prepared to have your beliefs challenged, your heart opened, and your soul nourished.

What You Will Receive:

You will receive five enlightening ebooks, seven journals, plus two lovely bonuses. Each book comes in three different formats (mobi, ePub, PDF) so that you can easily read on your phone, tablet, eReader, or computer at any time.

In summary, you’ll receive:

  1. The Spiritual Awakening Process eBook (238 pages) – A roadmap of awakening – understand what exactly is happening to you and why
  2. Self-Love Journal (128 pages) – Actively cultivate self-compassion and awaken the healer within you
  3. Inner Child Journal (112 pages) – Awaken your heart by meeting, befriending, healing, and nurturing your wounded inner child
  4. Shadow Work Journal (130 pages) – Deepen your awakening by exploring, integrating, and releasing your inner demons
  5. Awakened Empath eBook (402 pages) + Empath Journal (35 pages) + BONUS Self-Love & Personal Boundaries Lesson – Awaken and embrace your sensitivity
  6. Mindful Shadow Work eBook (284 pages) – Befriend your dark side, heal trauma, and find joy
  7. Shakra Journal: 70+ Chakra Shadow Work Prompts (154 pages) – Explore the dark side of your chakras
  8. Old Souls eBook (209 pages) + Old Souls Journal (48 pages) – Awaken and understand the wisdom deep inside of your soul
  9. The Power of Solitude eBook (85 pages) – Walk the path of awakening by using solitude to stimulate profound self-insight
  10. Dark Night of the Soul Journal (124 pages) – Move through the dark side of awakening and reconnect with your soul
  11. Heart & Soul Opening Meditation MP3 (4 mins) – Awaken your heart and reconnect with your soul
  12. + FREE Self-Love Heart Chakra Purification MP3 (15 mins) – Open and cleanse your heart with this gentle yet deep healing binaural beats track

Below, we’ll share more of an in-depth look at what you’ll get:

1. Shadow Work Journal
Shadow Work Journal image
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By far, this is the most valuable investment I have done in my spiritual journey. – S. Mercado (reviewer) 

The Shadow Work Journal is a powerhouse spiritual tool designed to help you explore the deepest and darkest corners of your psyche. Go on a journey through your inner underworld with over sixty provocative journalling prompts and activities to help you explore the demons within. Be enchanted by twenty sumptuous and darkly atmospheric images included within the journal to set the mood for your shadow work. Enjoy both an interactive/editable digital version and a 100% printable version to cater to your unique preferences.

2. Awakened Empath eBook + Journal

This book is packed full of mind boggling, life changing, and emotionally liberating insights and practices that have helped me understand and appreciate my unique gifts. Never before have all the grey areas of my life made so much sense. – Cormac (Amazon Reviewer)

Awakened Empath book image
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Are you an emotional sponge? Written for the highly sensitive and empathic people of life, Awakened Empath is a comprehensive map for helping you to develop physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance on every level.

Topics explored in this book include:

  • How to set boundaries as an empath
  • How to ground your energy as an empath
  • How to practice self-love as an empath
  • How to handle narcissists and energy vampires
  • How to explore your mistaken beliefs as an empath
  • How to cleanse and purify your energy as an empath
  • Finding your spiritual purpose as an empath
  • How to parent empath children
  • How to explore your shadow self
  • Ways to heal on the mental, emotional, and physical levels

… and so much more.

Empath journal cover image
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You also get access to the Empath Journal, which is a reflective and integrative tool for increasing your capacity for self-love, inner healing, and empowered self-care. This stunning mini journal can be used alongside the Awakened Empath book or by itself for inner work and contains 20+ journaling prompts.

Finally, you’ll get our bonus 20-minute Self-Love & Personal Boundaries Lesson (with accompanying worksheets). If you struggle with fatigue, social overwhelm, and a lack of personal power, this exclusively recorded podcast will help to guide you. You’ll learn about why we have poor boundaries, myths about setting boundaries, how to set strong boundaries, and much more.

$109.99 – Add To Cart!

3. The Spiritual Awakening Process eBook

I enjoyed reading this book. Quite relatable. The concepts were simply and clearly explained. Everything made so much sense. Simply amazing!! – Janet (Amazon reviewer)

The Spiritual Awakening Process eBook image
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Do you feel lost, alone, and empty inside? If you want answers, this book will help you to explore what we call “the spiritual awakening process” – or the initiation into the spiritual journey.

Topics explored in this book include:

  • What is happening to you
  • Why you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening
  • The seven spiritual awakening stages
  • How to survive the spiritual emergency
  • How to retrieve and integrate any fragmented pieces of your psyche
  • What spiritual “traps” you need to be mindful of
  • How to communicate with your soul

We touch on topics such as soul retrieval, shadow work, and more.

$109.99 – Add To Cart!

4. Mindful Shadow Work eBook


Image of the Mindful Shadow Work Exercises book
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We all have a shadow self. In this uniquely deep and compassionate book, you’ll learn how to befriend your shadows through the power of mindful shadow work so that you can reclaim the joy and healing that is your birthright!

Chapters in this book include:

  • Mindful Shadow Work, Spiritual Awakening, and Self-Compassion
  • My Experience With Shadow Work
  • Shadow Work Ground Rules (and Warnings)
  • What is the Human Shadow?
  • Do We All Have a Shadow Self?
  • How is Our Shadow Side Formed?
  • What is the Golden Shadow?
  • What Happens When You Reject Your Shadow?
  • The Benefits of Shadow Work
  • Seven Tips For Approaching Shadow Work
  • Analyzing Your Shadow (Quiz)
  • Stepping Into the Unknown: How to Practice Shadow Work
  • Shadow Work Exercise #1 – Journaling to Illuminate the Psyche
  • Shadow Work Exercise #2 – Follow the Trail of Your Inner Demons
  • Shadow Work Exercise #3 – Create Channeled Shadow Art
  • Shadow Work Exercise #4 – Start That Project You’ve Put Off
  • Shadow Work Exercise #5 – Write a Shadow Story or Keep a Book of Shadows
  • Shadow Work Exercise #6 – Explore Your Shadow Archetypes
  • Shadow Work Exercise #7 – Have an Inner Conversation
  • Shadow Work Exercise #8 – Tarot and Oracle Card Technique
  • Shadow Work Exercise #9 – Body Work Method
  • Shadow Work Exercise #10 – The Mirror Technique
  • Shadow Work Exercise #11 – Self-Inquiry and Resting in the I Am
  • Reclaim Your Shadow and You Will Reclaim Your Life
  • Dancing in the Dark: Shadow Integration and Transmutation

Through the eyes of gentleness and lovingkindness, Luna teaches you not only how to uncover your shadows but also how to find their hidden lessons, recover their gifts, and transmute them so that you are free of the trauma they bear, reclaiming the joy that is your inherent birthright.

5. Self-Love Journal
Self-Love Journal
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The Self-Love Journal is a sacred temple in which to fan the flames of your innermost heart and soul. Learn how to love your most broken, vulnerable, and traumatized parts through the power of self-compassion!

The Self-Love Journal includes:

  • x 60+ activities and journaling prompts designed to help you deep-dive into the depths of your heart, mind, and Soul
  • x 21 full-page color images to inspire you and set the mood
  • x 1 PDF print version (formatted for home or professional printing)
  • x 1 PDF digital version (available to use on your PC, tablet, or phone)
  • x1 PDF password-protected digital version (for privacy)
  • all future updated versions for free

6. Inner Child Journal
Inner child journal image
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The Inner Child Journal has been the most important step in my spiritual healing. – Kelly (reviewer)

The Inner Child Journal is a gentle but fierce spiritual tool designed to help you reconnect with and illuminate the depths of your soul. Go on a journey through the mountains, caves, and plateaus of your heart with over forty investigative journaling prompts and activities to connect with the child within. Be enchanted by sixteen soulful and intensely sumptuous images included within the journal to set the mood for your inner child work. Enjoy both an interactive/editable digital version and a 100% printable version to cater to your unique preferences.

7. Old Souls eBook + Journal

old souls 3d
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An essential read for anyone struggling with self-acceptance, loneliness, and meaning – Zi (Goodreads reader testimonial)

Are you solitary, thoughtful, and intuitive? Do you feel like an outsider constantly looking into a society that doesn’t feel like your home? If so, you may be an Old Soul.

Old Souls are people who see too deep and too much. If you struggle to fit in with society and if you feel like the eternal outcast, this is a must-read.

Topics covered include:

  • What is an old soul?
  • Detailed profile of the old soul character
  • How to deal with loneliness, emptiness, and disconnection
  • The seven soul age levels
  • Are you a sage or a mystic?
  • Old Souls and childhood
  • Old Souls and society
  • The awakening old soul
  • Reincarnation and Abraham Maslow
  • Finding the meaning and purpose of life
  • The Illuminated Soul
    Old Soul Journal image
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You also get access to the Old Souls Journal, which is an introspective tool for increasing self-awareness, self-understanding, and the integration of your Soul’s wisdom!

$109.99 – Add To Cart!

8. The Power of Solitude eBook

This is an amazing manual for happiness in life as it actually presents itself. Might be the best manual for life I’ve ever read. – M. Jorgensen (Amazon reviewer)

Solitude is one of the most undervalued, forgotten, and misunderstood spiritual tools known to humankind. However, at the same time, solitude is one of the easiest, most accessible paths out there to profound self-insight and liberation.

In this book, you will be taken on a journey through nine of the greatest gifts solitude can enrich your life with and how these virtues help you to fulfill your destiny.

Power of Solitude book 3D image
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The book explores the eight gifts of solitude:

  • Aloneness
  • Awareness
  • Introspection
  • Gratitude
  • Courage
  • Acceptance
  • Happiness and Joy
  • Self-Fulfillment

You’ll also discover how to create your own spiritual solitude practice.

9. Dark Night of the Soul Journal

Honestly, I have no words to acknowledge all the wisdom and love you have put in creating this fantastic journal. It is such a precious and comprehensive tool for anyone losing their way back home to their Soul. – Maha (reviewer)

Dark Night of the Soul Journal image
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The Dark Night of the Soul journal is a lantern in the darkness, a profoundly transformative tool designed to help you overcome your existential depression, explore your Soul Loss, practice Soul Retrieval, and reconnect with your true Spiritual Nature. Divided into four crucial paths that span across 30 days, this journal is a go-at-your-own-pace journey for those lost in an inner void of darkness. Each day offers a new practice, activity, or journaling prompt to inspire you to dive deep, remove inner blockages, purge old energy, open your heart, and unite with the infinite source of Love and Power within you.

The core purpose of this journal is to serve as a light in the darkness to help you move through the painful terrain of the Dark Night with as much courage, inner strength, and grace as possible. Our main goal is to help you reconnect with your Soul through a series of four crucial paths, divided into four different weeks:

  • Week 1 – Mirror Work
  • Week 2 – Energy Work
  • Week 3 – Heart Work
  • Week 4 – Soul Work

10. Heart & Soul Opening Meditation MP3

heart soul meditation
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In this simple but powerful guided meditation, you’ll learn how to connect with your heart space through a soothing and expansive visualization. Your heart is the doorway to your Soul, and through this meditation, you’ll be able to access the warmth of your innermost Self. All you need is a quiet place and 4 minutes of spare time!

You will receive:

  • x1 Heart & Soul Opening Meditation MP3 (4 minutes)

11. Shakra Journal: 70+ Chakra Shadow Work Prompts

Image of the Shakra Journal: 70+ chakra shadow work prompts for embodied healing
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The Shakra Journal offers a unique beginner-friendly approach to shadow work by integrating it into the ancient chakra system. Explore the dark side of your chakras!

Benefits of Chakra Shadow Work:

  • Clear out stagnant, stuck, or blocked energy and experience more inner peace, harmony, and joy
  • Find true self-love and acceptance
  • Befriend your wounded inner child
  • Improve your relationships
  • Become more grounded and set clear boundaries
  • Deepen your spiritual awakening and inner work practice
  • Anchor yourself into an ancient, embodied, and integrated framework for inner work
  • Reconnect with your inner source of love and wisdom

Combining the chakra system and shadow work is a powerful practice because it unites east and west, body and mind, heart and soul. Not only does the chakra system give us a beautiful and ancient framework for exploring our shadows, but it also gives us practices that can embrace, heal, and transmute these unexplored parts of ourselves.

12. Self-Love Heart Chakra Purification MP3 – BONUS

Self-love heart chakra purification MP3 image
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All true, deep, and long-lasting transformation requires the heart to be open. This MP3 soundtrack helps to facilitate your self-love and awakening by purifying the heart chakra. We carry so much heaviness within our hearts: hatred, shame, sadness, fear, and anger. Using the power of relaxing atmospheric and ambient music paired with Delta binaural beats, you will rapidly feel clearer and lighter after listening to this healing music. The Delta frequency (0.1-4hz) assists in both emotional and physical healing, as well as enhanced immune functioning and significant stress reduction. The Delta frequency is a heavenly way to experience deep repair not only in the emotional realm but also on a physical and psychological level. Make sure you listen to this track with headphones for the greatest benefit.

You will receive:

  • x1 Self-Love Heart Chakra Purification MP3 (15 minutes)

$109.99 – Add To Cart!

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Is this Bundle digital or print?  

This is a digital Bundle, meaning that you’ll be able to access the books, journals, MP3s, etc., on your phone, iPad, Tablet, eReader, or desktop computer. If you prefer having a hard copy of the items within this Bundle, we recommend printing out these resources at home or going to your local printers and asking them to print and bind the items within this Bundle for you (we have included FAQ documents in this Bundle to help you do this).

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What if I don’t have an eReader?

No dramas! Every book within this Bundle comes in three formats (ePub, mobi, PDF), so you can easily open and read them on your laptop, tablet, or phone anywhere. We recommend having a PDF reader installed if you prefer opening the Bundle items in PDF format, specifically Foxit PDF Reader, which is available to download for free from: https://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf-reader/

I can’t find the email with the details about downloading my Bundle.

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What do I focus on first within this Bundle?

We recommend starting with reading The Spiritual Awakening Process first, as that will give you a basic foundation for everything else within this Bundle. After you’ve finished this book, reflect on what’s important to you in life right now. For example, if you’re a sensitive person struggling to adjust to the chaos of daily life, you might like to move on to Awakened Empath. Or, if you’re going through a dark and confusing life crisis, you might like to move on to the Dark Night of the Soul Journal. Think about your needs and then choose accordingly. There’s no right or wrong approach!

In what order do I approach working on the Journals? 

If you want to start your inner work, we recommend beginning with the Self-Love Journal, followed by the Inner Child Journal, then the Shakra and Shadow Work Journal, and finally, the Dark Night of the Soul Journal (which you can reserve for particularly difficult periods of life).

On the other hand, if you’re going through a dark and painful time right now, we recommend starting with the Dark Night of the Soul Journal, followed by the Self-Love Journal, then the Inner Child Journal, and finally, the Shakra and Shadow Work Journal.

Do you offer refunds?  

Due to the digital nature of this content, there are no refunds. If you’d like to sample our work, please see the hundreds of free articles we’ve offered on lonerwolf.com. Please take a moment to deeply consider your needs before committing to making a purchase. If you have questions before purchasing, please reach out to support.


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43 reviews for The Spiritual Awakening Bundle

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 43 reviews)
Very good0%



March 19, 2022

The Bundle found its way to me at the perfect time. Going through another dark night of the soul and loss of identity, your creations help me reconnect with myself and shed the skin that was glued on me by others. The journey has been long and it will remain as such but it is comforting to know that there are other wolves that went through the same thing and are looking for authenticity and purpose. I started with Old Souls as I felt drawn to it the moment I got the Bundle. I’ve started using Inner Child and Shadow Work journals as well and I want to say that the effort that was put into them is amazing. Can’t wait to get to expolore the rest of the Bundle❤

Your creations are highly appreciated by this wolf. May you lives be full of blessings❤

Dilmunian S.
March 3, 2022

I’ve worked with others whom claim to be a mystic or healer and was disappointed. The authenticity wasn’t there and their practices were more on the covert negative side.

I’ve been lost this past year and trying to find some direction when I came across some of your posts on Pinterest and was immediately hooked. This is what I needed.

Your books and journals are pulling me back into the light and it helped me realize that I have been in the “Dark Night Of The Soul” and it’s helped me and is continuing to help me so much. There is so much time and thought into everything I read and I thank you for giving me the inspiration and guidance I really needed. Not to mention how beautifully everything is written. I highly recommended these tools for anyone struggling to understand yourself or needing a direction.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Beautiful. Thank you so much for this thoughtful and heartfelt review Jennifer, it means so much to us! ♡

January 14, 2022

Profound, inspirational and at the same time down to earth. One of the best “investments” I ever made. The books and journals are priceless.

October 29, 2020

Luna & Sol have extensive knowledge of spirituality and know how to nurture and develop it on Earth. Their spiritual awakening bundle helped me to go through my darkness and reconnect with my Soul after a Kundalini awakening that went a little weird. I am warmly recommending them to whoever want to advance on their journey towards a fulfilled Life.

Claire G.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

It’s a joy and delight to know that we’ve helped you through a difficult kundalini awakening, Claire. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this affirming review ♡

October 6, 2020

Luna & Sol your words have been like salve to my soul… I have been searching for a way to heal and reconnect to my true self for so long (20 years) but have never found anything that truly made a difference..Until I read your books I did not understand that I was experiencing a spiritual crises and was not the only soul to feel completely cut off from source and alone. I have not known how to heal and release the unnecessary mental baggage and fear on my own. Working through the Inner Child and Shadow Work journals has been painful yet liberating..there is so much there to release..the prompts help to bring out answers and keys from within to unlock the years of dogma, conditioning and general b.s. that have plagued my existence. To finally be able to feel progress and see the results of facing all that is in me for better or worse is such a relief..Thank you both for following this path and putting your experience out there for others to learn from. Your books and journals are wonderful maps to the inner self; full of guidance and love they shine a light through the darkness. Much love to you Luna & Sol thank you!


Response from LonerWolf Shop

It means a lot to hear that these roadmaps/tools have been nourishing and supportive for your soul, Stac! Deep gratitude for leaving this review and sharing your experience ♡

September 20, 2020

Hi Guys. Well I started with the shadow work journal and loved it, finally I get to read someones words that are in tune with my own. Why on earth would try and banish or push under the rug that which is part of you, Id much rather live with it, understand why and where it has come from. Like our inner child as described perfectly, keep it with you…. nurture and love them for they are part of what makes us whole.

The inner child journal. Im half way through and have shed more than a few tears working though this beautifully composed journal .

What Ive learned thus far is….. you have all of the answers within you, everything you seek can be found within your soul and your heart…. we just get lost sometimes and forget or have it taken from us with this journey we call life.

I would and have recommended this to anyone who has a thirst for life… and knowledge , those that want to heal those wounds you’ve carried around for so long , You owe it to yourself.

Thank you both for sharing your lessons and your lives, you’ve helped me reconnect with my inner child and I love that.

Lots of heart felt love to you both .

Leon H.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Lots of heartfelt love sent right back at you Leon, thank you for this amazing review! ♥

September 14, 2020

I am working my way through the Inner Child Journal and am finding it extremely effective in helping me understand what went on in my childhood and how it affected me then and and how continues to affect me in adulthood. It is only with a deep understanding of what is going on and its root causes, that we can begin to change long held beliefs and patterns of behaviour. I can honestly say that I have already received much more value from this journal than I did from more than a year of professional psychological therapy – and at a fraction of the cost. Thank you – your work is a genuine help to me.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you Mark. Hearing that these resources have been more helpful to you than over a year of therapy is tremendously inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this ❤️

September 3, 2020

What I have learned, so far, by connecting with your website, is the guidance I have been searching for, for a long time. As a retired senior approaching 70 years on a fixed income, your work is invaluable to me. I have felt like a “lonerwolf” most of my life. You have given me a way to understand and realize my true self as a soul. All my Love and Gratitude!!!

Scott M.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

It is an honor and a pleasure to accompany you on this path, Scott!

September 1, 2020

Excellent material – definitely addresses the tumultuous adventure of waking up. I feel heard and seen AND accompanied!

Narda R.
August 26, 2020

Luna & Sol you’ve done a great job, you show you care, the books are so thorough and engaging. Well done on your hard work. I came across your site a few years ago but I turned away as my boss had called me a lone wolf at the time and when I saw this site I thought no lone wolf is a negative path to go down. 2020 and I had time, the site came back to me during a search for more information. Wonderful experience to take myself through this guide, in my own time. I can now understand other articles, books, posts, images. Thank you to you x

July 24, 2020

This was probably one of the best purchases i made in a long time. There is just one book left for me to finish, and I can’t even begin to explain the difference they made; besides helping me along some very difficult times, they were also the only thing that made therapy actually “work” for me; I always bring them in as a starting point for my sessions, as a direction in which to focus for a time. These are some of the most valuable texts I ever read, and I’ll never forget the path they started me on. Thank you so much for writing it and putting it out there for us to find.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Heloísa, your review means so much to the two of us and touches our hearts. We’re so happy that our books can help you, not just during therapy, but also in the midst of troubling times. Sending so much love <3

June 19, 2020


Just wanted to let you guys know I am very happy with my ebooks and the awesome bundle of all your helpful material. I have read tons of books over time and your very insightful and wonderful material has really started to make a difference in my life. Thank you for all of your work and effort in clarifying and supporting my journey through understanding myself better.

Love to you both,


Response from LonerWolf Shop

This means a lot, thank you for stopping by and sharing this Wendy! ♥

June 16, 2020

I am still working my way through all of this amazing information and guided work. It has helped me so much in my beginning stages of starting the inner work that I have so desperately needed. I can do it on my own time, and there is no rush to keep up with anyone else. I have found so many useful tools here and in the other books included in this bundle. My only drawback is that I wish I could print everything out at home but I don’t have a printer yet, so I am reading on the computer and doing a lot of my writing work in a separate journal. Not really a problem, just something that i noticed i get frustrated with sometimes. Otherwise all of these books and all the resources on the website have really given me direction and focus for this transitional period of my life. I could not even begin to express the fullness of my gratitude that I found these at the exact moment i needed them the most. Thank you Luna and Sol for all of your hard work and effort that you have put into these books and your website. It has been very impactful!


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Misty, thank you for taking the time to leave this review ♥ Also, with the printing part, have you considered trying a local service (like a library) or an online service (listed in the FAQ documents of the bundle)? We are planning to publish these items with print-on-demand services like Lulu.com in the future. In any case, I’m so glad these resources have been impactful and have helped to give you a sense of direction! Much love, Luna

June 3, 2020

I haven’t found anyone or anything that has spoken to me as the lonerwolf site does. I felt lost, alone, like I had no sense of who I was anymore. Everything I used to love doing and had a passion for just didn’t make me feel fulfilled or light me up. That’s when I found the bundle and I purchased it almost immediately, I haven’t finished it yet; I have been jumping around depending on how I feel and what I think will help me the most at that moment. So far the Twin Flame book has brought so much light in my life and helped me understand myself and my desires. (again though I haven’t read everything and that is the one I have been spending the most time on) I LOVE this bundle and am so excited to continue to delve deeper inside and also enjoy the soul rich teachings of Luna and Sol. Thank you for helping me find my way!


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you Sam for the great feedback. It can be quite confusing the find oneself where you describe, it’s the exact pains that forced us onto this journey and creating this space…feeling lost, dispassionate, craving for more ‘reality’. I like how you’re approaching the books also, it’s really the best way to read anything; following our hearts interest at the present moment will allow us to not only learn intellectually but apply it emotionally to life’s present problems and therefore turn that knowledge into experienced wisdom. 🙂 ~ Mateo

May 20, 2020

I truly can’t say enough about how much the spiritual awakening process, twin flames, awakened empath and old souls has helped me get out of the dark night of the soul that I had been trapped in for ages.

Life was hell yet here I am, on the verge of starting a new company while having an actual rewarding relationship with my wife and kids instead of resorting to addictions to numb the pain from an incredibly tramatic back injury 5 years ago.

Thank you Luna and Sol.

Christopher K.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

I had a big grin while reading your review Christopher, we’re both so happy for you, especially hearing how well your doing in your relationship with your wife and kids, the meaningful pursuit of working for yourself is the icing on the cake :). Thank you! ~ Mateo

April 27, 2020

I love these books! This is what I have been looking for to help me on this amazing spiritual journey! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, and your compassion.

April 14, 2020

Thank you Luna and Sol for giving so much invaluable knowledge so freely. I am working my way through the Spiritual Awakening Bundle. I think that I will be exploring these tools for many months to come… so much wisdom. Your website and emails are wonderful, your wisdom and capacity to express the inexpressible is enormously comforting for one who has been seeking truth for a very long time… Thank you for bringing a little light into the darkness. Bless you both!

Meg M.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Dear Meg, I’m so grateful to hear the tools within the bundle are finding a home within the healing journeys of each of you. It’s so rare to find others who seek truth deeply, you guys are the ‘lone wolves’ that are after an eternal home, and we’;re delighted to be able to share this path alongside you 🙂 ~ Mateo

February 16, 2020

In a word, “outstanding”! Thank you both for addressing some of the most important lessons in life. I have been following your articles for 10 years and look forward to each new one. I am glad I went with the bundle to expand my journey on some things with years of study and making good points on topic for things that hadn’t even occurred to me. Again, Thank you for all your thorough work!

January 27, 2020

I haven’t spent enough time with the books yet, but I do want to HIGHLY praise the shadow work journal. It’s such a phenomenal collection of questions. It’s matter-of-fact meets curiosity with gentle pulls back to self on each topic. I can’t believe what I’ve already learned about myself and my favorite part is that I know I could work through this journal 100 times and learn new things each time. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful offering to your readers. It’s incredibly powerful and meaningful to me.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you so much for your review and praise of the journal, Stacey. It means a lot to the two of us to know how powerful this resource has been for you on your spiritual path. I’m so happy that you’ve benefited tremendously from it so far!

November 3, 2023

I struggle with healing and inner work mostly because I just don’t know where to start or how to go about it. This bundle has been incredibly helpful. It has so much in it, both workbooks and books and I have noticed a difference already. I have really just started on the Inner Child workbook and I was able to finally end an incredibly painful relationship and be not only okay with being on my own, but happy about it. I really feel that by the time I have worked through everything I will be able to get to the place that I have always longed to be within myself. I consider this purchase to be an investment towards myself and it’s worth every penny. I’m incredibly grateful for the time and effort that Luna and Sol have put into this.

Julie P.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you so much for sharing this, Julie. Much love and gratitude ♡

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