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Please note that due to our limited time and energy, we don’t answer anything other than shop-related queries. That means that we don’t respond to questions about personal problems or offer one-to-one guidance.

(Furthermore, if you require help in case of a spiritual or psychological emergency, please don’t email us; instead please contact one of the following hotlines as soon as possible or reach out to a licensed transpersonal therapist. There is always compassionate help and guidance waiting for you.)

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered a variety of frequently asked questions in our Chat Support window. Please use the Live Chat window to get an immediate response to your shop-related questions before continuing with this form.

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If none of the FAQs above answered your question and you are having any problems with our shop or a purchase, our Support team is available Monday – Friday, and can be reached using the form below or by emailing them directly: shop [at] lonerwolf . com

If you would like to simply offer gratitude, we always appreciate these types of emails as they inspire us to keep going – feel free to contact us via our personal contact form.

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