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Thank you for reaching out to us.

Please note that due to our limited time and energy, we don’t answer anything other than shop-related queries. That means that we don’t respond to questions about personal problems or offer one-to-one guidance.

(Furthermore, if you require help in case of a spiritual or psychological emergency, please don’t email us, instead please contact one of the following hotlines as soon as possible or reach out to a licensed transpersonal therapist. There is always compassionate help and guidance waiting for you.)

Shop FAQ

We provide you the option to create an account after you purchase an item from our shop. We use this method as many don’t like creating accounts when purchasing so they can checkout as Guests, and then after the order is successful there will be an option to create an account associated with your order.

If you created an account during your purchase, you’ll be able to login to it here.

Note: Our Newsletter subscription operates separately from our Shop Accounts. So if you’re a subscriber, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve also created an account in our shop.

If you’d like to buy one of our shop products as a gift for someone else, just use their email address in the checkout process instead of yours and the email receipt with the downloadable files will be sent to them.

Be sure to let them know to look for the email, in case it’s landed somewhere else like the Spam folder or Promotions tab.

Be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder due to your email providers aggressive spam filters and be sure to whitelist us as safe by adding us to your contacts to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you’re using Gmail, you’ll also want to look in your Promotions tab just in case as they sometimes put it there. If you find it there, you can drag the email into the Primary tab to let them know we’re safe.

Yes, we can create a customized branded coupon for your business that you may provide to your clients. Please use the contact form below to talk with our Shop Support team.

This error may appear if you’re trying to open a file format for one of our products but don’t have the right document viewer app installed. We recommend Adobe Reader to open the ‘pdf’ versions of our products which is free and works on any device.

It depends on the individual. If you want to start your inner work, begin with the Inner Child Journal or the Self-Love Journal before attempting something heavier like the Shadow Work Journal. If you’re struggling a lot in life, start with the Dark Night Journal. If you primarily need romantic guidance, start with our Twin Flame Journals.

If you created an account with us during your purchase and have forgotten or want to reset your password, you can do so in the my account log in page using the “Lost your password?” form.

Note: Our Newsletter subscription operates separately from our Shop Accounts. So if you’re a subscriber, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve also created an account in our shop.

Some banks will put a hold on transactions from our shop due to “suspicious activity”. The reason is that we’re located in Australia, and some banks will wonder how you’re all the way in Australia all of a sudden. You’ll need to get in touch with them and authorize the order to complete your transaction.

Sometimes these issues are temporarily stored in your browser’s cache, so using a different browser or a new incognito/private window tab in your current browser may solve this. If that fails, please also try a different device.

If neither of those two options works, feel free to use the contact form below and copy/paste the error code/message (if there’s any). You can also attach a screenshot or describe in detail what happened so we can more quickly assist you.

You’ll be able to find the password for the digital password-protected version of journal/s in two places;

  1. In your email receipts “Note” section, we include the password.
  2. Within the FAQ file that comes with the journal files.

Contact Form

If none of the FAQs above answered your question and you are having any problems with our shop or a purchase, our Support team is available Monday – Friday, and can be reached using the form below or by emailing them directly: shop [at] lonerwolf . com

If you would like to simply offer gratitude, we always appreciate these types of emails as they inspire us to keep going – feel free to contact us via our personal contact form.

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