The Problem With Modern “Self-Love”

Self-love and self-compassion are crucial practices that help us to become the best version of ourselves possible, generating positive ripple effects in the world around us. But if we aren’t careful, the modern notion of self-love can be used as a form of self-judgment: an unrealistically high yardstick that we use to measure our worth, success, and “spiritualness.”

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:19 – Self-Shaming and Unrealistic Standards
  • 1:14 – Superficial Self-Love and Being Open
  • 1:49 – Compartmentalizing Self-Love & Going Deeper
  • 2:37 – Loving Yourself Doesn’t Mean Being Passive
  • 3:13 – Ask Yourself This Question
  • 3:50 – Conclusion
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