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Want to share our premium resources with your readers, followers, or clients while earning a 10-20% commission?

You’ll receive a PayPal payment with your commission earnings on the 15th of each month once you’ve reached the minimum payout threshold of $25.

Why Promote Lonerwolf?

We’re all about down-to-earth spirituality!

Our goal is to provide a grounded and balanced perspective of the spiritual awakening process. We’re drawn to exploring and exposing both the light and shadow side of human nature and spirituality. Our website is also one of the most visited spiritual resources on the internet (4.8 million visits per year) and has been running for over a decade now.

If you resonate with this approach and appreciate what we do, your tribe probably will as well!

Where Can I Share My Referral Links?

You can share your referral links on your blog, website, newsletter, or social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Commission Example

Depending on the product, you will receive a 10-20% commission on every item in our lonerwolf store.

Here’s an example of the type of commissions you will receive:

  • Shadow & Light Membership quarterly plan sells for $25.99 – you earn $5.19 per sale.
  • Spiritual Awakening Process book sells for $8.99 – you earn $1.34 per sale
  • Shadow Work Journal sells for $16.99 – you earn $2.54 per sale
  • Illuminating the Unconscious Bundle sells for $19.99 – you earn $2.99 per sale
  • Ensoulment Bundle sells for $99.97 – you earn $9.99 per sale
  • All-in-One Bundle sells for $225.97 – you earn $22.59 per sale

For any ongoing subscription products (Shadow & Light Membership) you earn a one off commission of 20%. For a book, journal, small bundle, or deck you promote that is purchased through the referral links you generate, you’ll receive a 15% commission. For big bundles (All-in-One, Spiritual Awakening, and Ensoulment Bundle), you’ll receive a 10% commission.

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