Awakening is a Destructive Process …

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Contrary to popular belief, the spiritual awakening process is not solely about love, light, and enlightened ecstasy. This path is one of destruction (the dark night of the soul) and for a very good reason …

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:46 – Why is awakening destructive?
  • 1:30 – Shiva and Shakti (death & rebirth)
  • 1:58 – Why we need to awaken both within and from the dream
  • 2:30 – The ego
  • 2:57 – Dismantling the ego & making space for stillness
  • 4:07 – Conclusion

4 thoughts on “Awakening is a Destructive Process …”

  1. I am only just emerging from a very long phase of nothing having any meaning and my basically hiding away from the world. Frankly, people exhaust and overwhelm me! About a year ago I experienced the burnout of all burnouts. I was physically ill, and in a relationship which did not support my best expression of myself. Since I’ve been out of that relationship, I have made meditation and energy work my focus, and I’m finally starting to have a vague, newly forming sense of who I am and what motivates me. It has been a very difficult couple of years. It feels like I’m starting my life over from scratch, but with the added task of rewritting the old, outdated scripts of my childhood. It’s been the most difficult time of my life.

    • Thanks for sharing H. It most definitely sounds like you’ve been through a death/rebirth initiatory process. You are the butterfly now emerging from the cocoon, and it feels uncomfortable at first, but it’s the key to feeling free and being all that you are ♡
      – Luna

  2. For the last 3 months, I’ve been experiencing horrible anxiety and just the most negative and self destructive version of myself that I could’ve never imagined before. I wasn’t sure (still not) why this is happening, but after watching this video maybe it’s the awakening process??


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