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We all have a shadow self. In this uniquely deep and compassionate book, you’ll learn how to befriend your shadows through the power of mindful shadow work so that you can reclaim the joy and healing that is your birthright! 

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We all have a shadow self. As uncomfortable as it may sound, every human being has a dark side that has been shunned, rejected, suppressed, and buried within the unconscious. 

However, disowning the shadow for too long can be dangerous, sabotaging our lives in every possible way. When we don’t face our inner darkness, problems with anger, addiction, chronic anxiety, depression, shame, hypocrisy, deceit, chaotic relationships, sexual dysfunction, self-loathing, and many other issues slowly consume our lives.

In this uniquely deep and compassionate book, spiritual educator and guide Aletheia Luna leads you through the dark forests and hidden caverns of your shadow self. By learning how to befriend your shadows through the power of mindful shadow work, you can dissolve the shame, secrecy, and energetic density of these inner blockages. 

Through the eyes of gentleness and lovingkindness, Luna teaches you not only how to uncover your shadows but also how to find their hidden lessons, recover their gifts, and transmute them so that you are free of the trauma they bear, reclaiming the joy that is your inherent birthright.

Note: This book contains revised and expanded content originally published on lonerwolf.com, as well as new and in-depth shadow work exercises and guidance.

Chapters in this book include:

  • Mindful Shadow Work, Spiritual Awakening, and Self-Compassion 
  • My Experience With Shadow Work
  • Shadow Work Ground Rules (and Warnings)
  • What is the Human Shadow? 
  • Do We All Have a Shadow Self?
  • How is Our Shadow Side Formed?
  • What is the Golden Shadow?
  • What Happens When You Reject Your Shadow?
  • The Benefits of Shadow Work
  • Seven Tips For Approaching Shadow Work
  • Analyzing Your Shadow (Quiz)
  • Stepping Into the Unknown: How to Practice Shadow Work
  • Shadow Work Exercise #1 – Journaling to Illuminate the Psyche
  • Shadow Work Exercise #2 – Follow the Trail of Your Inner Demons
  • Shadow Work Exercise #3 – Create Channeled Shadow Art
  • Shadow Work Exercise #4 – Start That Project You’ve Put Off
  • Shadow Work Exercise #5 – Write a Shadow Story or Keep a Book of Shadows
  • Shadow Work Exercise #6 – Explore Your Shadow Archetypes
  • Shadow Work Exercise #7 – Have an Inner Conversation 
  • Shadow Work Exercise #8 – Tarot and Oracle Card Technique
  • Shadow Work Exercise #9 – Body Work Method
  • Shadow Work Exercise #10 – The Mirror Technique 
  • Shadow Work Exercise #11 – Self-Inquiry and Resting in the I Am
  • Reclaim Your Shadow and You Will Reclaim Your Life
  • Dancing in the Dark: Shadow Integration and Transmutation 

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Shadow work is inherently deep, revealing, and often confronting. If you suffer from low self-esteem or self-loathing tendencies, please ensure that you have developed a good foundation of self-love first. Shadow work practiced without the capacity to show self-love is destructive, as it can make you feel a thousand times worse about yourself. So please cultivate the ability to practice self-love and care before doing any form of shadow work. Furthermore, if you suffer from any psychiatric condition, please seek the guidance of your mental health professional before engaging with this book, as the material may be too intense or potentially re-traumatizing. As always, please approach any form of deep inner work slowly, gently, and with mindful self-compassion.

Book Details:

Pages: 284 (epub) 167 (pdf)

Language: English


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December 4, 2023

This book came along at rhe perfect time for me. I’ve struggled to get on my path & stick to it & now I know why. I’m not ashamed to say I was one of the ones Aletheia advised to do Self Love first if you aren’t strong in that area so I switched over. That said I would have no hesitation in recommending the Shadow Work book to any seeker who is ready to face their shadow – I see the possibility of so many wonderful benefits from being strong enough to do the work🩷


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you for this beautiful review, Jennifer ♡

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