The Soulwork Coloring Book (Printables)


Stimulate mind-body awakening with our printable art therapy coloring book. Connect with your Soul through the power of sacred geometry!

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. — Nikola Tesla

Coloring is both a beautiful and relaxing activity. For years, researchers have known that Art Therapy has a number of mental and emotional benefits available for everyone to enjoy. Adult coloring books have been shown to:

  • reduce stress,
  • relieve anxiety and depression,
  • provide simple and quick access to mindfulness,
  • boost self-esteem,
  • nurture recovery from trauma and PTSD,
  • nurture creative gifts,
  • sharpen concentration and hand-eye coordination,
  • improve problem-solving skills,
  • serve as a catharsis for the unconscious mind 

This coloring book focuses on helping you to reconnect with your Soul through harnessing the power of sacred geometry.

Through fifteen unique and vibrationally healing shapes, you will be able to acknowledge, accept, express, and transform any kind of emotion or state of mind in your daily life to serve your highest good. Because sacred geometry forms the basic structure of the Universe and all that we see, each shape provides a portal to access higher states of consciousness and deeper states of spiritual growth and well-being.

This coloring book will take you on a journey through the eight chakras and the corresponding sacred geometrical shapes, as well as seven bonus vibrationally healing symbols which stimulate mind-body awakening.   

Book Details:

Pages: 64
Language: English
Format: PDF
Files Included: 1 Soulwork Coloring Book, 1 Soulwork PRINT ONLY Book (to reduce ink), 1 Instruction Printing Guide

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