Spiritual Wanderer Course


In this course, we’ve crystallized our many years of experience and knowledge of the awakening journey to help you find your deepest path and purpose as a spiritual wanderer.


Can you relate?

You feel lost.

Those disturbing sensations of not having any direction whatsoever – of being alone, stuck, and isolated on your journey – often haunts you.

And yet … you crave for more.

You know that there’s something out there for you, and you still cling to hope.

In truth, you’re a spiritual wanderer.

You may have no idea where to go or what to do next.

But you keep searching.

The problem ...

The problem is that when you do find something in the shiny and sparkly spiritual marketplace …

you often wind up feeling overwhelmed, distracted by something else, or disappointed because your deepest inner needs aren’t being satisfied.

At times, you may even find yourself feeling confused and exhausted by all the conflicting spiritual information out there.

The result of all this turmoil is that you may feel:

• Lonely, isolated, and alone on your path
• Unsure what to do next or whether you even have a purpose
• No motivation or confidence in yourself
• Depressed and anxious
• Abandoned by life or like a lost soul
• Unworthy or have low self-worth
 Regularly overwhelmed and stressed out
• Dysregulated and on-edge
• Unable to enjoy/thrive in daily life 
• Low about the world, others, and life in general
• Rootless, aimless, numb, or empty inside 

What a mess.

I know what this feels like.

Being a spiritual wanderer can be tough, painful, and alienating.

For me it felt like falling into a black void of emptiness and as if the world was shattering.

But I got out.

How? I began obsessively learning about the spiritual awakening journey day after day, year after year, non-stop.

What I discovered was not so much a secret as it was common sense:

The journey of awakening follows a specific pattern – just like anything does in nature such as the movement of the moon, the planets, and the seasons.

I had to piece this journey together little by little, based on my own direct experiences, those I’ve met on the path, and my own ongoing research, across many years.

You are called to be a light in this world …

Ultimately, what I’ve found is that the lone spiritual wanderer is not merely a weird anomaly that should be rejected, gaslighted, and ignored, just as society would have us believe.

The reality is that you, as a spiritual wanderer, have a powerful path, destiny, and purpose in this life.

You are called to awaken.

You are called to turn your pain into power.

You are called to transform and self-actualize your gifts.

You are called to be a wisdom-keeper, wounded healer, and empathic visionary who dwells on the fringes of society.

You are the hermit, the witch/warlock, the shaman, the mystic, and the sage.

You are the spiritual wanderer who is in the world but not quite of the world.

At the deepest level, you are called to be a light in this world, a light it so desperately needs.

But first, you must journey into the darkness.

You must undergo a journey of death and rebirth – a voyage into the wilderness of your soul.

That’s what we’re here to help you with.

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What You’ll Get in This Course

In this course, we’ve crystallized our many years of experience and knowledge of the awakening journey to help you find your deepest path and purpose as a spiritual wanderer. You’ll receive:

Down-to-Earth Guidance & Powerful Inner Map

Get grounded spiritual guidance (no fluff) from two experienced educators and psychospiritual guides. Our grounded spiritual framework is rooted in the insights of archetypal psychology, mythology, and transpersonal spirituality.

3+ hours of In-Depth Content

Dive deep into our relaxing audio and illustrated video content that helps you to:

  • Deeply understand the spiritual journey from a bird’s eye perspective
  • Explore the five archetypes of awakening within you: the hermit, the witch/warlock, the shaman, the mystic, and the sage
  • Understand the five shadows you’ll face on your journey and the five elixirs to help you heal and overcome them

5 Stunning Workbooks (100% Editable and Printable)

Each lesson comes with a beautifully designed workbook to help you integrate the material, illuminate your shadows, and find more inner transformation.

5 Integration Meditation Mantras

Invoke and embody each of the inner archetypes of awakening within you (the hermit, witch/warlock, shaman, mystic, and sage) at the end of each lesson.

Private Psychospiritual Quiz

This premium quiz will help you uncover your core inner blockage or “demon” right now and the specific healing spiritual practices we recommend to help you overcome this obstacle.

Soulful Guided Inner Journey

Go inwards as we lead you through an immersive guided meditation journey for meeting the inner Wise One. Find your deepest calling in life right now and receive a secret gift and sacred transmission of energy.

Ask Us Questions

If you need any help, you can ask us at any time. We’re always here to support you!

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to the content + all future updates to the course for free!

$149 Buy the Course!


What Does Each Lesson Cover?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get in each module:


This is a 14-minute illustrated audio narrated by Aletheia that explores:

  • The deepest mission, purpose, and archetypal role of you as a spiritual wanderer in not just everyday life but in society as a whole
  • The myth and psychospiritual purpose of the wounded healer
  • A bird’s eye overview of the course and how to orient yourself on your path

You also get a written transcript if you prefer reading.

Lesson 1: The Hermit, Self-Gaslighting, and Self-Trust

This is a contemplative 18-minute illustrated audio lesson narrated by Mateo that explores:

  • The Hermit and the Seeker
  • The pain and challenges at the start of the Spiritual Wanderer’s Journey
  • The demon of gaslighting and how it emerges as both an external and internal reality
  • The elixir of self-trust and the soothing power of aloneness
  • Solitude as a spiritual calling and path
  • The Hermit tarot archetype

You also receive a workbook, transcript, and mantra meditation (9 minutes) to help you integrate the content deeply.

Lesson 2: The Witch and Warlock, Self-Disempowerment, and Self-Sovereignty

This is a contemplative 20-minute illustrated audio lesson narrated by Aletheia that explores:

  • The Witch/Warlock and the Apprentice
  • The dangers of the spiritual marketplace and signs of a spiritual marketplace seller
  • Giving away our power and self-sovereignty on the awakening path
  • The demon of self-disempowerment and the elixir of self-sovereignty
  • Spiritual predators, spiritual narcissists, and spiritual bypassing
  • Signs of a true mentor and teacher on the spiritual wanderer’s journey

You also receive a workbook, transcript, and mantra meditation (10 minutes) to help you integrate the content deeply.

Lesson 3: The Shaman, Self-Victimization, and Self-Compassion

This is a contemplative 27-minute illustrated audio lesson narrated by Mateo that explores:

  • The Shaman and the Warrior
  • How spiritual warriors and shamans are deeply interconnected
  • The inner journey and challenges inherent in facing the darkness within
  • The demon of self-victimization and the elixir of self-compassion
  • How victimhood can become a seductive trap
  • The Hermit tarot card and its lessons for our inner shaman
  • Spiritual death and rebirth

You also receive a workbook, transcript, and mantra meditation (9 minutes) to help you integrate the content deeply.  

Lesson 4: The Mystic, Self-Delusion, and Self-Inquiry

This is a contemplative 22-minute illustrated audio lesson narrated by Aletheia that explores:

  • Facets of Spiritual Illumination and what it can feel and look like
  • Spiritual clinging and the “I got it, I lost it” experience
  • The ego inflation demon and how it manifests in ourselves and others
  • The dangers of spiritual narcissism in the Mystic stage
  • Spiritual dissociation and warning signs to look out for
  • The elixir and power of self-inquiry
  • The Hermit tarot card and its lessons for our inner mystic

You also receive a workbook, transcript, and mantra meditation (8 minutes) to help you integrate the content deeply.

Lesson 5: The Sage, Self-Involvement, and Self-Transcendence

This is a contemplative 30-minute illustrated audio lesson narrated by Mateo that explores:

  • The wise man/woman archetype and its loss of space in modern society
  • The rebirth stage of awakening and how it manifests in our lives
  • Facing the self-involvement demon and how it appears within us
  • The Hermit tarot card and its lessons for our inner Sage
  • Self-importance and humility
  • The deeper transpersonal meaning of solitude
  • Spiritual integration and the elixir of self-transcendence
  • The power of self-expression, the via creativa, and ensoulment

You also receive a workbook, transcript, and mantra meditation (10 minutes) to help you integrate the content deeply.

The Conclusion

This is a 22-minute illustrated audio narrated by Aletheia that provides a powerful overview and summary of every lesson, offering a big-picture perspective of this multi-faceted and epic blueprint.

You also get a written transcript if you prefer reading.

$149 Buy the Course!

Meet Your Spiritual Guides …

spiritual guides aletheia luna mateo sol
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Welcome! Our names are Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol.

We’re spiritual educators and guides who specialize in a down-to-earth approach to the awakening journey, and we blend a mixture of psychological and spiritual insight throughout our writings and offerings.

Together collectively, we’ve been on this path for over 30 years, and learning about, teaching, and sharing what we’ve experienced and discovered on this wild ride has been our passion and life’s work.

Our website, lonerwolf, which gets millions of visitors a year, offers so much information when it comes to the spiritual wanderer’s journey, and many find it a valuable source of guidance that they return to over and over again for help, clarity, and support on the awakening path.

We’d be honored to help support you on your journey of spiritual transformation and illumination!

$149 Buy the Course!


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone, including beginners and those wanting a big-picture map of the entire spiritual awakening journey (including the shadows you’ll face and how to work through them)! You also get additional workbooks, mantras, a quiz, guided meditation, and the ability to ask questions beneath each lesson to help you dive deep and integrate the material.

Are there any live elements to this course?

This course is self-paced and pre-recorded, meaning that you don’t need to show up live or worry about missing calls. You’ll have this content forever and you can download and save all materials to your phone or computer at any time.

How does the Spiritual Wanderer Course differ from other courses?

We have a very specific style and approach the spiritual path in a down-to-earth way that balances both spirituality and psychology through a union of masculine and feminine energy. Many spiritual courses out there are typically more one-sided, limited in scope, and less integrated.

What formats are available in this course?

There are two videos of us, seven illustrated videos using powerful imagery to speak directly to your unconscious and anchor the information, six meditation audios, five written editable workbooks, written transcripts, and a premium test.

What if I have a question as I go through this course?

If you’re confused or need further clarification at any point, simply submit your question in the discussion space beneath the module, and we’ll answer it as soon as we can. As your spiritual guides, we’re there to support you!

What if I don’t have time or space right now to take this course? (But I still want to get it!)

Life can get busy, we know! As you have lifetime access to this course, you can pick up the content at any time that suits you best. Once you do have more space on your schedule, we have a quick tip. To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you add it to your calendar whenever is most convenient for you so that you can steadily progress through the content.

How should I approach taking this course?

You’re welcome to binge-watch and listen to the content if that suits you. Alternatively, we recommend spacing out the content a little to give you time to absorb and integrate the material. For instance, you might like to dedicate one week to one lesson so that you can complete the accompanying workbook and internalize the accompanying mantra meditation. If you were to take this approach, this course would take you around 5-6 weeks to complete. But again, it’s totally up to you!

Are there scholarships available?

At this time, scholarships are not currently available.

How long do I have access to this course?

All the material is yours to access, download, and keep forever!

What currency is the price?

All prices are in USD.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this course, we don’t offer refunds. If you have questions before purchasing, please contact our awesome customer support. We take a lot of care detailing exactly what you’ll receive within this course, so be sure to read this page carefully before purchasing.

Being a lone wolf and a spiritual wanderer is a sacred calling in life – a unique and alchemical path of awakening.

You don’t need to feel lost, alone, or stuck on your journey anymore.

It’s time to meet your soul’s deep needs for clarity, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

As a lone wolf and spiritual wanderer, you have a path, purpose, and destiny – and we’re here to help you find and embrace it.

$149 Buy the Course!


I have followed Luna & Sol for a number of years, and have come to rely upon their weekly guidance for inspiration and insight. I don’t know how they do it, but I can’t tell you the number of times that the guidance has been so incredibly spot-on or told me the exact thing I needed to know or hear with prompts on how to address it going forward. Not only do I gain some insight, I benefit from their wisdom.

Cassie K.

Mateo and Aletheia are incredibly wise spiritual teachers who are called to this work, so you can be sure you are guided by trusted and supremely gifted mentors.

Olivia F.

Excellent material – definitely addresses the tumultuous adventure of waking up. I feel heard and seen AND accompanied!

Narda R.
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