Awakened Empath Bundle

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Learn how to embrace the sacredness and power of your sensitivity. This bundle includes both our book and a calming guided meditation (MP3).

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Awakened Empath (eBook Version)

Written for the highly sensitive and empathic people of life, Awakened Empath is a comprehensive map for helping you to develop physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance on every level.

Empath Healing Guided Meditation (MP3)

The purpose of this guided meditation is to teach you how to let energy flow in and out of you like water, without harming you.


Format: Digital (ePub, Mobi, MP3) + Printable (PDF)


Do you feel the agony and the ecstasy carried within people’s hearts?

Do you experience chronic exhaustion in social settings? Has anyone ever told you that you’re “too sensitive” for this world? If so, you may be an empath.

An empath is a person who absorbs the emotions of others like a sponge and experiences these emotions as their own. While empaths are warm, intuitive, and compassionate people, their high level of sensitivity makes them prone to experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, and crippling physical illnesses.

Do you tend to attract toxic people and set poor boundaries? If so, this book will help you. Do you feel overwhelmed by negative energy and feel like you can’t cope anymore? This book will support you. Do you want to heal yourself and find inner peace? This book will show you the path.

Written for the highly sensitive and empathic people of life, Awakened Empath is a comprehensive map for helping you to develop physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance on every level.

Under the loving guidance of empaths and spiritual mentors Luna and Sol, you will discover how to awaken to your highest potential and access the strength, love, and wisdom found within your soul.

Chapters in this book include:

  • What is Your Empathic Gift?
  • Empaths and Society
  • Empath Friendships and Relationships
  • Empaths and the Workplace
  • The Psychological Understanding of Being an Empath
  • The Scientific Understanding of Being an Empath
  • The Shamanic Understanding of Being an Empath
  • The Mystical Understanding of Being an Empath
  • The Dark Side of Being an Empath
  • Empaths and Narcissists
  • Empaths and Energy Vampires
  • Parenting Empath Children
  • Empaths and the Spiritual Awakening Process
  • Healing the Physical Realm
  • Healing the Mental Realm
  • Healing the Emotional Realm
  • Flowing With Spirit
  • The Spiritual Purpose of Empaths

Book Details:

Pages: 392 (epub) 382 (pdf)
Language: English

  • PDF (can be printed out or read on your phone, tablet, or computer)
  • ePub (can be read on Kobo, Nook eReaders, etc. or on any eReader app)
  • mobi (can be read on Kindle eReader or eReader apps)

Please note: This book is available as a Kindle ONLY format on Amazon for a cheaper price, however, by purchasing this book here you’ll be directly supporting our work. You’ll also receive three different formats (PDF, ePub, mobi).

Print Version:

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Empath Healing Meditation

By sending love and healing to others, we send love and healing to ourselves.

Empaths are blessed with the gift of knowing and internalizing the energy around them. However, this blessing can also burden them with untold amounts of stress, illness, and pain if they don’t learn how to ground and purify themselves when they most need it.

The purpose of this guided meditation is to teach you how to let energy flow in and out of you like water, without harming you.

Many people out there think that “shielding” is the only approach to preventing negative energy from harming us, but the truth is that by trying to shield ourselves from life, we become like rocks, numbing ourselves from experiencing anything. Because we can’t filter the energy we receive, we also tend to block out good opportunities, emotions, and experiences. It’s important that we learn how to create boundaries (which we explore in our book Awakened Empath), but we must also learn how to be flexible and open, flowing with energy where necessary. 

If you are suffering from toxic energy build-up as an empath, you will experience symptoms such as:

  • dizziness
  • faintness
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • hot flushes
  • mental numbness
  • emotional fatigue
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • unstable blood pressure
  • moodiness
  • emotionally reactivity
  • poor immunity
  • poor blood circulation
  • chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain

To help you master your gifts, we have recorded this gentle guided meditation using an ancient and rare Buddhist technique. This little-known meditation will help you to surrender, observe, allow, and release your inner pain so that it can be transformed for your highest good, and the highest good of others.

You will receive:

  • x1 Introduction Lesson MP3 spoken by Luna (5 minutes)
  • x1 Guided Meditation MP3 spoken by Sol (16 minutes)
  • x1 Written Transcript PDF

(BONUS) Self-Love & Personal Boundaries – MP3 + Worksheets

Learning to be assertive and setting clear personal boundaries is one of the greatest struggles that empaths have. If you struggle with fatigue, social overwhelm, and a lack of personal power, this exclusively recorded podcast will help to guide you. You’ll learn about why we have poor boundaries, myths about setting boundaries, how to set strong boundaries, and much more. This free bonus includes:

  • 20 minute MP3 podcast (spoken by Luna)
  • Transcript + worksheets (printable PDF)


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3 reviews for Awakened Empath Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jason Barton (verified owner)

    I found this resource a timely and profound help in a very dark time! It felt like Luna and Sol were reading my mind.

    • Luna & Sol

      We’re so glad you found this bundle helpful in a dark period of life Jason ♡ Thank you for sharing here!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Narda Reigel (verified owner)

    I finally took a breath! This felt like coming home – comforting and empowering at the same time! Explains so much of the why I am feeling so lost!

    • Luna & Sol

      Narda, it means so much to hear that this bundle has been comforting and empowering for you. Much love and gratitude!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Rebecca (verified owner)

    For so many years I struggled with toxic people and work environments. While reading your book, more and more made sense and slid into place. I no longer feel alone in the universe, knowing there are others out there who feel the same as I do. I has allowed me to handle most situations with better understanding. Your articles have helped in my journey over the years, and the Awakened Empath bundle has given me a sense of knowing and acceptance that I’ve always desired.
    My friends and family have all noticed a change in my attitude, (for the better).
    I am so grateful for all your hard work. It shows in your thoughtful and clear writing.
    I was going through an existential crisis and didn’t even realize it. On the advice of my husband, I sought help from a medical professional and was diagnosed with PTSD and was put on three different high powered medications. I didn’t understand what was happening to me at the time and was just “letting things happen”.
    I have since been working on allowing the energies I encounter to pass through me instead of building inside. I have come off a large portion of my medication, understood why I felt the need to “barricade myself in the house“, insulating myself from the outside world and have become a more available listener and friend (without being a dumping ground for negative energy). My own father asked what happened to me because I’ve been a door mat most of my life. I’ve since gently established boundaries and adhere to them.
    I recommend your books to everyone I know who is a sensitive soul that feels crushed by the overwhelming negativity in the world today. I’ve grown so much since following you and want to send you my deepest love and gratitude. I tell my loved ones Luna and Sol are bright lights in the darkness.

    • Luna & Sol

      What a deep, inspiring, and heartfelt review. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts Rebecca ❤ It means the world to know that our work has empowered your way of experiencing and relating to the world and others!

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