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Twin Flames & Soul Mates (eBook Version)


A down-to-earth, heart-opening, and authoritative guide to spiritual partnerships. Learn how to use the power of love to awaken yourself and your partner!

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Soul mate and twin flame love is an ancient concept. We see it in the dance between Shiva and Shakti, the union of the Horned God and Mother Goddess in old earth religions, the passion of Osiris and Isis, and the mystical symbiosis of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

But while ancient and timeless, at no point in the history of civilization has there ever been as intense and passionate an interest in spiritual relationships as there is right now.

In this breakthrough book, spiritual educators and twin flames Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol, dive deeper than ever before into the fiery world of twin flame and soul mate love.

With notoriously down-to-earth and crystal-clear insight, Luna and Sol explore how to find, create, and sustain real awakened relationships in an increasingly fragmented world.

Twin Flames and Soul Mates is a psychospiritual manual that is composed of various articles that we have published on this website in the past. We have also added extra content to help illuminate your path and guide you through this sacred path of love.

Chapters in this book include:

  1. Love and the Spiritual Awakening Process
  2. What is a Soul Mate?
  3. What is a Twin Flame?
  4. The Story of Luna and Sol
  5. How to Find Your Soul Mate and Twin Flame
  6. Harmful Myths About Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships
  7. The Five Levels of Relationships
  8. Are You in a Healthy Relationship?
  9. What to Do When Your Relationship Falls Apart
  10. The Shadow Side of Seeking Love
  11. How to Use Your Relationship as a Spiritual Catalyst

This book covers an extensive number of topics including the complex areas of false twin flames and soul mates, twin flame separation, the runner/chaser dynamic, and how to create a harmonious spiritual Union.

You’ll also discover how to fulfill the ultimate purpose of twin flame and soul mate relationships: to awaken yourself and the world around you to deep levels of love, joy, and interconnectedness.

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Twin Flames & Soul Mates (eBook Version)

9 reviews for Twin Flames & Soul Mates (eBook Version)

Rated 5 out of 5
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Rated 5 out of 5
January 29, 2023

Really good at clarifying the different types of relationships a soul can have. I currently have a twin flame and a high-level soulmate in my life so this definitely resonated. Very insightful and an enjoyable read!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 6, 2021

So far good and real. It’s not fantasy but it is hopeful. Great balance structure here. Haven’t ever found anybody I connect with and always wondered if I was doing something wrong. According to this, I’m doing good with inner work and so on. This also helps one to avoid the “wrong” relationship but that’s due to solid inner work as well. If you are unaware of your needs and hide parts of yourself from YOURself, you’ll struggle in the field of “love”. It is VERY important to have something like this on hand.

Christopher M.

Response from LonerWolf Shop

We really appreciate your review Christopher, thank you!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 29, 2021

Best ebook on Twin Flames! So glad I purchased it. Just wish that I had it much earlier, as I’ve known my twin flame for many years, and it would of saved me much grief, knowing what our relationship was about.

Buy this ebook; it will help you enormously! I has for me.

Rated 5 out of 5
July 24, 2021

I came across “Twinflames and Soulmates” while going through heartbreak over my twin-flame relationship. I had this nagging feeling that I was missing or not understanding something. This book provided much-needed guidance, understanding, and, most importantly, a profound realization that I needed to look deeper within myself and do some serious inner work. Written in easy-to-understand language, the book resonated with me and opened my eyes to many things. I’ve read it cover to cover and re-read some chapters several times. I now also have it on my phone, so I can access it wherever I go. I only wish I have found it sooner. Thank you, Luna and Sol, for putting it together!

Rated 5 out of 5
June 26, 2021

Such strong insights into the Twin Flame concept. This book has such important information that it had to be channeled through the Luna and Sol. Because simply everything is so true, especially if you have the experience of a Twin Flame person in your own life. This synchronicity and everything, just the way it is, is amazing if you don’t believe and experience it. Thank you, Luna and Sol.

Mojca M.
Rated 5 out of 5
February 18, 2021

This one if my favourite. It has literally enlightened my understanding of soulful relationships in all their forms as well as their importance on our spiritual growth path. This work is more than a book. Luna and Sol walk you into a wise, honest and compassionate dialogue whereby your most burning questions are answered – yes, in fact, as if they could read your mind before crafting this beatiful book. I just wish I had discovered this book way earlier: it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary anxiety and confusion. I hope more and more people will get the chance to discover this beautiful, profound and eye-opening book.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you Maha, it’s a joy to know that we could bring some clarity to you through what can be quite the disorienting experience 🙂

Rated 5 out of 5
June 6, 2020

I would like to thank you for you in depth information. It has opened my eyes to a lot of information that has been easy to overstand. I did not buy the eBook I bought your book on amazon because I am a on hands person . I would like to say that it is well written, once again I would like to thank you and look forward to learning about this journey with the knowledge that I am receiving from you two. (Please do not share my email because it is private)

Patricia W.
Rated 5 out of 5
February 26, 2020

Anyone who has experienced a Twin Flame connection or is looking for their soul mate needs to read this book! It provides so much more information than you can get from reading free articles on the web. The writing really spoke to me. Luna and Sol are open and honest in a way that is spiritual, informative, and reassuring.

Anyone who has experienced the twin flame connection knows how deeply painful it can be. In my research I kept coming across lonerwolf.com and finally decided to buy this book. It is SO WORTH IT. I really trust what the authors lay out here. I think they are genuinely interested in helping people on their soul journeys. Just before buying it I had read some articles on other sites and watched some videos and was getting discouraged by the misinformation, poor presentation, and basic statements. There’s none of that here–the authors don’t shy away from the hard truth but they are very compassionate.

I am also surprised at how well-written it is, I wasn’t really expecting it to be so polished since e-books don’t always have good quality, but Luna and Sol really made an effort and it shows. Read it if you need answers on your spiritual journey. It is WELL WORTH $11.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

Thank you so much for your heartfelt review, Wolfy. The two of us are delighted that you resonated and benefited from this book (and our work)! May you continue to receive guidance and inspiration from what is written here. Lots of love

Rated 5 out of 5
February 8, 2020

Your book brought me comfort in a time when I was dying from grief and a broken heart.

We found each other. I’d only been looking for him all my life. I literally saw him first in my meditation practice, and then he manifested. It’s highly unlikely we will ever be joined in this realm or lifetime. We are both in long-term commitments on the opposite sides of the world.

Thank you for writing about twin flames in a sensical, practical manner. And though my heart still really longs at times, I am managing much better.

Thank you.


Response from LonerWolf Shop

The longing of heartache is one of the hardest pains to bear. I’m so glad you have found a sense of solace, support, and empowerment in reading this book Pam. <3

Twin Flame eBook cover imageTwin Flames & Soul Mates (eBook Version)
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