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The Bundle found its way to me at the perfect time. Going through another dark night of the soul and loss of identity, your creations help me reconnect with myself and shed the skin that was glued on me by others. The journey has been long and it will remain as such but it is comforting to know that there are other wolves that went through the same thing and are looking for authenticity and purpose. I started with Old Souls as I felt drawn to it the moment I got the Bundle. I’ve started using Inner Child and Shadow Work journals as well and I want to say that the effort that was put into them is amazing. Can’t wait to get to expolore the rest of the Bundle❤

Your creations are highly appreciated by this wolf. May you lives be full of blessings❤

Dilmunian S.

I’ve worked with others whom claim to be a mystic or healer and was disappointed. The authenticity wasn’t there and their practices were more on the covert negative side.

I’ve been lost this past year and trying to find some direction when I came across some of your posts on Pinterest and was immediately hooked. This is what I needed.

Your books and journals are pulling me back into the light and it helped me realize that I have been in the “Dark Night Of The Soul” and it’s helped me and is continuing to help me so much. There is so much time and thought into everything I read and I thank you for giving me the inspiration and guidance I really needed. Not to mention how beautifully everything is written. I highly recommended these tools for anyone struggling to understand yourself or needing a direction.


Profound, inspirational and at the same time down to earth. One of the best “investments” I ever made. The books and journals are priceless.


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