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Yes, a review should be in totality. But I just had to stop and say a few chapters in and I’m ALREADY hooked. This book is truly an “eye opener” moving from being an SDA to a spiritual being isn’t easy but this book has given me a deeper insight to me an life!!!

Jaxx Q.

This book is so on point! If you are looking for guidance and understanding of what you might be experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically while on this journey this book is for you! The insights into what this awakening process feels like is so accurate, down to earth, and real. Thank you for sharing something so real, practical and beautiful.

Elisa F.

This book is incredibly accurate, well written, and with so many precious informations. It is helping me a lot on my healing journey, and even though I already had done a lot of researchs on the subject, this book gave me strong insights and new ways of seeing things. All that with an underlying compassionate energy that you don’t find in most of the books on the matter. I loved it, your blog, and I just purchased another one: the “Awakened Empath”. Thank you for your work, blessings ! Jade


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