7 Ways to Awaken to Your True Nature

There are innumerable names from endless traditions that point to what our True Nature is. It has been called Brahman, Tao, Buddha-nature, Christ Consciousness, Self, Allah, the Absolute, Non-Dual Awareness, the Holy Spirit, Spirit, God, Goddess, Satchitananda, Oneness – just to name a few. In this video, we explore seven different ways to awaken to your True Nature.

Contents & summary:

0:00 – Introduction
1:44 – What is my true nature?
2:49 – Why enlightenment is a joke (that isn’t funny)
5:37 – 7 ways to awaken to your true nature
6:31 – Understand that everything you need is already here
7:21 – Simplify, purge, and make space
8:55 – Be sincere and committed to a mature spiritual practice
9:48 – Learn to trust your own inner authority
12:06 – Be aware of the ego’s tricks, ploys, and scams
12:57 – Explore the nature of the “I”
13:51 – It’s simple

Narrated by Mateo Sol and written by Aletheia Luna. Read the original article on True Nature.

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