The Spiritual Fundamentalist: Do You Have One Inside?

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Are you a spiritual seeker? Chances are that you have a hidden tyrant within you known as the Spiritual Fundamentalist. Just like a religious fundamentalist who clings to the rigid notion that their belief is the “one true irrefutable way,” spiritual fundamentalism practices the same black and white, good vs. evil thinking.

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Yes, there’s such a thing as spiritual fundamentalism
  • 0:25 – What is spiritual fundamentalism?
  • 0:52 – The ‘higher self’
  • 1:28 – The ‘lower self’
  • 1:57 – Why the spiritual fundamentalist is tyrannical
  • 2:55 – How the SF causes us to suffer
  • 3:38 – The essence of spirituality
  • 4:10 – Debunking spiritual fundamentalism

4 thoughts on “The Spiritual Fundamentalist: Do You Have One Inside?”

  1. Hi Luna & Sol,

    Today was my first time hearing your voices from a YouTube video (I’ve read many of your wonderful articles here up until this point), and this topic– spiritual fundamentalism– was timely for me to hear about.

    That’s because recently, I’ve been experiencing a hue of spiritual fundamentalism: These days, I’ve been carrying a vibration towards my spiritual journey that says, “I have so many things to heal and fix about myself, this, this, and this…” As a result, I often forget to stay receptive to joy in my life, to levity, and towards honoring myself deeply now (instead of later when “everything in me is perfect and healed”).

    Thank you again for this important, informative video!


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