How Does Technology Influence Our Spiritual Path?

In what ways does technology empower us … and in what ways is it the bane of our existence? How do the forces of social media and endless information that we can access influence our spiritual journeys? We are surrounded by technology left, right, and center. Most of us live and breathe it: we start and end our days looking at screens and getting lost in the infinite wormholes of the online world. Is there a healthy way of approaching technology that enhances our psychospiritual growth?

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:37 – Information saturation
  • 1:57 – The present moment and our feelings
  • 2:33 – Distraction, escapism, and being with our discomfort
  • 3:42 – Toxic comparison
  • 4:40 – The manicured self-image
  • 5:46 – Spiritual materialism
  • 6:47 – Two important questions
  • 7:02 – Making technology work for you
  • 7:36 – Technology minimalism

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