Let’s Stop Trying to Spiritually “Transcend” Our Emotions

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Most people tend to have a complex relationship with their feelings and emotions. But when we enter the spiritual awakening journey, instead of making friends with our emotions, we tend to dig ourselves even deeper into the pits of self-judgment and rejection. Here’s why we need to stop trying to spiritually “transcend” our emotions.

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – The mistaken belief of bad/good emotions
  • 0:37 – Spirituality & pathologizing how we feel
  • 1:10 – Why all our emotions are okay
  • 2:10 – Integrating psychological/spiritual beliefs
  • 2:42 – #1 important thing to remember

2 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Trying to Spiritually “Transcend” Our Emotions”

  1. Hello. Supressed emotions for many years. Tried meditation before but left body. Last four months with Mindvalley was showing a way to fast spirituality. Went through a dark night asked for guidance but was told keep meditating to transcend. Four months of many sleepless nights. Thought I was going crazy. Hospitalized was taught other ways to transcend and medication. Had a harrowing three weeks after leaving was not listened to. Told them I heard voice of child crying inside me crying for help. Was ignored. Glad I found you. I am listening. Welcome

    • Thank you for reaching out and connecting, Marguerite. I’m so sorry to hear that your emotions and experiences have been invalidated and ignored – that truly invokes in me a series of emotions from anger all the way to sadness. I hope you can find a sense of empowerment, clarity, and self-sovereignty in our work – everything you need is inside you. Much love <3


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