Spiritual Narcissists – The Dangers of the Spiritual Ego

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The spiritual ego is the sneakiest, most dangerous, and most prevalent issue on our awakening paths. It is the root of all spiritual materialism, all spiritual bypassing, and all the spiritual traps we fall into. Yet despite how much of a pandemic it is in our world, it is rarely discussed at length. (Strange, right?) We seem to believe that walking the spiritual path immediately excludes us from the machinations of the ego. Reality check: it doesn’t. If anything, we are MORE prone to ego-centered issues on the spiritual path because the ego LOVES to appropriate spirituality for its own survival. Are you in the grips of the spiritual ego? (Don’t worry, we all experience this sooner or later.)

Contents & summary:

  • 0:31 – What’s the Spiritual Ego?
  • 3:05 – Why is the Spiritual Ego Dangerous?
  • 8:55 – How Do You Become Aware of the Spiritual Ego?


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  1. Love listening to your teachings 💜🦋🌻
    They completely resonate with me.
    I love how you both deliver the messages and offerings ❤️💜🦋🙏🏻


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