Spiritual Awakening Sign #1 (Your Life Feels False)

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The spiritual awakening journey is a complicated process with many interconnected layers. Usually, the first sign we experience is the disturbing realization that our life feels false. Perhaps we have fed into the lies of society, unsuccessfully climbed the career ladder, failed to embrace our authentic life purpose, or experienced a severe trauma of some kind. We may have even undergone an amazing mystical experience that suddenly shifted everything. If you feel disoriented, disillusioned, and depressed, we’re here to offer guidance. Don’t worry, you’re not as alone as you may think.

Contents & summary:

  • 1:50 – WHY do I feel like my life is false?
  • 6:27 – HOW the awakening process begins
  • 8:18 – WHAT is the secret gift buried within the pain?

For more in-depth guidance, read our spiritual awakening article.

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening Sign #1 (Your Life Feels False)”

  1. I know I have been struggling with trying to work to the other side of an awakening for, literally, decades. I am in my early 60’s now, and I have experienced all sorts of empathic and psychic phenomena all my life. Born to blue collar parents, I was actually traumatized by being made to feel by my family and friends that I was crazy because I was so different. I knew, though, what I had seen and heard and experienced was real, so I learned how to hide that part of myself. What I could not hide was the pain and the trauma that I had suffered because of it. As I try to work through this process, reading your Awakening book is like reading my own life story. It made me cry because it felt like finally it all made some sense. I have more work to do, but I have a desperate hunger again to finally connect all the dots and understand the empath within.

  2. Thank you for your work.

    At 27 years old I went into a major depressive episode. Everyone attributed it to work stress, depression, and GAD. Medicated I went back to a more supportive work environment. But I felt empty and numb. My depression and GAD resurfaced a year later. Ive been diagnosed with depression, GAD, and ADHD and numerous medical conditions. While the medications help some aspects- I know in my soul they are not the full answer. Over the last 6 months Ive felt this intense emptiness, sadness, despair, anger, disgust, disappointment, and many other emotions. At my life, at society, at humanity. The current Covid concerns have amplified the immense stupidity, Ignorance, small minded-ness, and selfishness of our society. And it is slowly tearing me apart. These frustrations along with this feeling that things arent “right”, something is missing have put my life on hold. My life looks *perfect*, nice home, supportive husband, adorable dogs, good job as a registered nurse. But here I am feeling this pain, Ive wasted the last 28 years. Put myself through absurd stress and finacial burden to do what I was suppose to: go to university, get a good career, get married, buy a house. I chose a career where I thought I could make a difference- but Im still just a puppet in someone else’s plan. And here I am… empty and lost. I dont know what is next for me, i feel stranded between following this safe road, and the unknown. But finding Loner Wolf, and you- Luna and Sol, has given me some hope that Im not the only one feeling this loss, like something is missing, like society has tricked and trapped me. I dont know what I am searching for, but I am hopeful to find guidance from yours’ and others’ experiences.

    Sorry for the long comment. This has been the first place Ive found solace and understanding for my current mindset and perspective. I felt the need to say it to someone.



    • Hello Amanda . My name is Janine . I go by Lady J on Social media like youtube . Your life sounds about like mine just different souls at a different time and place . I am 52 yrs old , married 33yrs , 2 kids 4 grandchildren. I struggled all through school. Dropping out the last month of junior yr . I’ve always felt failure, I will never be anything. Oh had big goals . Wanted to be an architect , commercial designer, join the Army etc .never happened. When I met my husband was ready to join the nuns or some missionary project. During the first 14yrs of marriage I started caring for family , neighbors etc at their end of life . I went to nursing. I thought hey I love caring for others and maybe this will teach me more . I never made it to RN . I am lpn . The fact that I went thru GED course then Nursing school. I finally accomplished security… i thought . I have been depressed, fatigued, walked a path I never thought i would made me rethink my whole life . I was ready to end my life at one point . I just could not figure out WHY is this happening. Why am I here . Why do i keep making the same mistakes over and over . My family . My husband . Friends say everyone goes through it . Ya know what that is not helping me understand WHY . I went to church . Chamged churches . Prayed .Prayed and Prayed again . Always feeling alone. Maybe Im not supposed to understand . Maybe thats it I am a failure . A big disappointment. There is something rooted deep in me that says No Janine you are Love and Light . I kept ignoring that msg . But one day I went and sat in Nature beautiful outdoors . You talk about freedom and knowing this is where my connection is . I have never felt so warm and safe before in my life . A nuclear war could happen and I would say it’s going to be okay . Lol . I used to say that to my husband everytime a bill was overdue .he would get so mad . I really do know in my soul . It will be ok .
      Thanks for your story . And your time
      To Everlasting

    • im not too far off from you age at all… were talking months, Im also feeling lost and that Ive been walking the wrong path all my life… or that what I want is so out of reach everything is so hard or not succeeding despite how hard i am trying to make it work. I connected with your story so well and i too, am just lost.

      I get this weird feeling inside that everyone who knows me is just secretly laughing behind my back at whats gone on in my life. Nothing is my fault, this is clearly what life has to offer me. Is there anything else?


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