What to Do When Your Partner Isn’t on a Spiritual Path

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Can a relationship survive when one partner isn’t ‘spiritual’? Is your relationship doomed to fail eventually? Being at different places in life and having different values is one of the most difficult issues to face as a couple. In this video, we clear up whether a relationship can survive or not when one partner isn’t spiritual. We also provide ways to ensure that your relationship continues to flourish (and not crash and burn).

Contents & summary:

  • 0:37 – What to avoid when your partner isn’t spiritually inclined
  • 1:10 – Don’t judge
  • 2:06 – Don’t get lost in wishful fantasies
  • 2:53 – Don’t exclusively depend on them
  • 4:12 – What to do instead
  • 4:54 – Do focus on similarities
  • 5:36 – Do express your love
  • 6:20 – Do see your relationship as a “school of life”
  • 7:12 – Do honor your partner’s unique journey

For more in-depth guidance, see our article on whether a relationship can survive when one partner isn’t spiritual.

6 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Partner Isn’t on a Spiritual Path”

  1. Hey Luna and Sol

    I dont know if i m on the right addresse to ask, but if you are willing to respond i ll be thankful for it.
    The thing is me and my bf are sort of mirrors of each other, but even we are differents human beings how can i be more involved in discussions with him, like having a good conversation

    Thank you in advance

    • This can be a tricky question to answer! It all depends on how open your boyfriend is in the first place to have a good conversation. By ‘good’ do you mean emotional, philosophical, or something else? Perhaps start with asking your partner what’s most important to him in life – then see where that takes you.
      ~ Luna

  2. I am just talking to a guy after recently coming out. He has been hurt by someone and I have been hurt by myself. We both need space and recovery but seem to helping each other as friends – no hurry. I am an extrovert in some ways he is an introvert. He is a thinker – I am spontaneous which can prove unhelpful sometimes I am thinking he can help me to think – I can help him to be more comfortable in extrovert. how much should I press on or does he need space ? I find I need to express myself and look forward to having lessons to allow me to sing solo or duets eventually loving the idea of being centre stage one day – would he need to hide inside himself a steadying influence. Are relationships more complex for gay men? bizarrely I think I need the soul mate even more than sex so very reluctant to take risks in fear of losing him. I love singing along to You Tube Connors place and Trew Tablak (esp as he a countertenor) – they strike me as really loving couple in a gentle way – which is what I desire. It always seems that Connor is the one upfront and Trew content to sit back – both amazingly accomplished singers though. I am more like Connor but sing more like Trew. I am amazed and heartened – so grateful no one has adversely commented on me coming out – they see the person inside.

  3. Hi me again – should mentioned I am an ENFP – not always the most predictable character I guess and need to see a project through like a relationship – it’s only in more years I feel need for a relationship at all – before I just fed off others.

    • Hi Gary,
      It’s hard for me to answer whether relationships between gay men are more complex as I’m neither a man nor gay. But one thing I do know is that it’s always important to have open communication – to be clear about how you feel, your needs, and your desires. That will help to enhance any connection you have with others. Journaling about your thoughts and feelings can help tremendously.
      ~ Luna


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