Indulging vs. Integrating the Shadow Self (What’s the Difference?)

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There are many approaches to shadow work, but one dangerous approach is that of jumping to extremes; of INDULGING the shadow rather than integrating it. Don’t confuse indulgence with integration. When we indulge our dark sides, we are reacting and acting out of an immature place. Instead of rejecting and disowning our shadow qualities, we develop an ego-centric identity out of them.

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:32 – Acting out is not integrating the shadow
  • 1:22 – Examples of shadow indulgence
  • 2:08 – The Joker vs. Batman
  • 2:45 – What does integrating the shadow mean?
  • 3:44 – Conclusion

10 thoughts on “Indulging vs. Integrating the Shadow Self (What’s the Difference?)”

  1. I just came across this, I believe I was led here by Divine Guidance.
    It’s exactly where I’m at in my own personal journey of discovering Self Worth!
    At age 47 years old, I was diagnosed with a very progressive type of Multiple Sclerosis. My first relationship/marriage was verbally & physically abusive for 6 years! I re-married & after a 3 month Courtship, we’ve been married for almost 37 years.
    But the Scar’s left by my first Toxic Relationship have been haunting me for years – even though he ended up being murdered when my oldest daughter, conceived out of Wedlock, was 11 years old. My husband has been Father to her since she was 2 years old.
    Being raised Mormon, I had a lot of pretty hard “TAPES” to get over – mainly related to Perfection.
    Searching for a “Spiritual Path”, that was more in alignment to basic beliefs I’ve had with me since I was young! I finally came across Astrology!
    My journey is only 3 years old, but I know I have a Special Purpose to achieve on my Evolutionary Experience. I know I have Blockages that are interfering with what I’ve been shown to Manifest!
    I believe that the Offerings you have are Key to finally Releasing those Blockages! I’m a Gemini ♊️ Cusp.
    Born on May 21, 1963. Time: 10:20pm in Ogden. Utah.
    Warm wishes,
    Lori Kay Jessop Welchoff

    • I’m so glad this topic and exploration could help you Lori! Thanks for sharing a little about how you got on this path. I was raised in a strict religious background too and I know how hard it is to reprogram those unconscious blockages/beliefs.
      Much love,

    • You’re not alone Eleanor. <3
      Just keep showing compassion to the over-thinking part of you, realizing that it's only trying to help you (in its own misguided way).

  2. After doing some shadow work including using your journal, I explored these qualities in myself through painting and dance. The paintings were self portraits and they continue to be a spiritual practice of mine…the images are becoming increasingly lighter and more soul centred. Some things I learnt were that some shadow qualities were introjections and others needed love. Painting a picture of oneself in a symbolic way is so powerful to me that now I want to guide others to see the gold within themselves. I believe once we clear away the suppression of denying ourselves we can have greater access to our souls purpose. Thank you for being a distant support at the start of my journey this year.

    • How inspiring and magnificent Deanne! Personally, I love drawing mandalas (very simple, basic, quick ones) as they have a restructuring and calming effect on my psyche. Best wishes for this soul path of yours! It’s a pleasure to have been of service to your journey.

  3. Hello Luna and Sol! Thank you for this beautiful video. Not long ago my Shadow self came out in a very aggressive way (solar plexus blockage and stomach problems) Years of suppressed feelings and blind pride led to this. I realized that pure Consciousness hides behind all this programming. I started journaling and I feel lighter. Music and humor also helps 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with acting out the shadow Stella. The way you got through it (journaling, music, humor) are all powerful approaches that I use too. 🙂
      – Luna


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