How to Practice Embodied Spirituality (With SOAR)

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Modern spirituality tends to be very mind-based, very disembodied, and “up there” – focusing overly on ascending or transcending our present moment experience. But this often gives rise to issues such as dissociation, lack of groundedness, spiritual bypassing, and even rejecting ourselves and what’s authentically appearing for us. We need to focus on practicing embodied spirituality just as equally as other aspects of the spiritual experience. This is where the embodiment practice we call SOAR comes into the picture. SOAR stands for Stop, Observe, Allow, Rest – and we explore it more in-depth in this video.

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:09 – The Goal of SOAR
  • 2:38 – Break Down of SOAR
  • 5:33 – Guided Experience of SOAR
  • 12:01 – Conclusion

10 thoughts on “How to Practice Embodied Spirituality (With SOAR)”

  1. I had a headache prior to the SOAR meditation. As we went along, the headache began to go away. By the end of the meditation, the headache was mostly gone. I also had a growing sensation between my eyes, on my forehead. It was a bit uncomfortable and the sensation grew. The sensation felt localized to the center of my forehead and as the intensity grew, so did the size of the feeling.

    I cam out of the brief meditation feeling a bit more peaceful, less anxious, less angry, and more present. This was interesting and therapeutic. Thank you very much! =)

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Earl! What you describe about the sensation in the center of your forehead could be connected to the third eye chakra (maybe something to look into – along with the headache connection?). I’m so glad you came away feeling more peaceful and refreshed.
      ~ Luna

    • To Luna & Sol

      I completed the 5 day spiritual awakening course with you guys and didn’t receive a certificate of achievement. This has made my whole efforts for nothing. If you could please email me my certificate of achievement for the 5 day spiritual awakening course to

      Danielle Morris

      • Hey Danielle,

        Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry to hear you were expecting a certification for the course.

        As this is a free course, and we’re not ‘qualifying’ you for any skills but sharing information about the journey, we don’t provide a certificate nor mention at all that there will be one at any point.

        The ‘achievement’, if you can call it that, is learning how to better navigate your spiritual awakening which is what most of our readers are after.

        I hope this makes sense.

        Warm hugs,


  2. I am so grateful I found your SOAR video. I started watching with great fear and a headache. My heart and my head are always in pain or uneasy. After going through the session my heart felt less pain and my headache had lessened as well. When I feel stressed or fearful in anyway I am finding I always grab my heart or my head. Thank you!!

    • Thank you Ashley, I’m so happy to hear you had a positive experience with SOAR to aid your exploration of head and heart. It seems to be the lubricant necessary to apply in any situation of struggle or pain 🙂


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