The Collective Shadow: 5 Ways to Deepen Your Shadow Work

The Collective Shadow is humanity’s dark side. It is the sum total of past and present atrocities, cruelties, tragedies, and horrors perpetrated by humankind and stored at a deep, unconscious, cellular level. This darkness is not always glaringly apparent as it is so ancient and so ingrained into the fibers of our societies.

Examples of the Collective Shadow include religious discrimination, racism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, and anything that “others” or condemns, rejects, or diminishes certain individuals/groups. And we’ve all internalized it to some extent.

Why is Collective Shadow Work such a blindspot in the spiritual community? In what ways does modern spirituality not only deny but also contribute to the Collective Shadow? And what can we do to about it? This is an area of life that is crucial for all of us to explore.

Contents & Summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:00 – What is the Collective Shadow?
  • 1:48 – Collective Shadow Work: Our Biggest Blindspot
  • 4:11 – How Modern Spirituality Denies and Contributes to the Collective Shadow
  • 9:29 – 5 Ways to Deepen Your Shadow Work
  • 17:32 – Conclusion

Spoken and written by Aletheia Luna. Read the original article on the Collective Shadow.

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