Why Authenticity Can Be Used to Shame Ourselves

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Authenticity is a crucial practice and vital on the spiritual awakening journey. But if we aren’t careful, it can be turned into a tool of self-blame, shame, and punishment. How do we practice healthy authenticity? What hidden shadows do we need to be aware of?

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – What is authenticity?
  • 0:31 – Authenticity as a practice vs. role
  • 1:55 – Authenticity as a tool of shame
  • 2:40 – At what point have you truly become authentic?
  • 3:07 – Why authenticity is irrelevant

7 thoughts on “Why Authenticity Can Be Used to Shame Ourselves”

  1. I found this site by asking google ” is it possible to lose your soul”? I asked this in reference to other people. But after reading about soul-loss. I started breaking down crying. Cuz it was talking about me! Like nail on the head me. Anyways thank you. Jessica

    • Thank you for sharing that Jessica. I’ve had experiences like that before too when finding a term that suddenly clicks and everything makes sense! We can disconnect from the soul, but we can never actually lose the soul. ♡ ~L

  2. For some reason, even as a child, I never gave a SHIT STAIN (😂), what other people thought of me. I have always remained true to, well, me..?… I don’t believe it is possible to lose your soul, and people NEED to ,humbly, be proud of who you are! This is also coming from an Aquarius 🤣, so, I have made my own drum and have beat it all my life. For that, I AM HAPPY!

  3. Now the next vid on addiction (11 yrs sober) , I am waiting to watch, this COULD BE UGLY), but I am comment because it has to do with authenticity, it’s what got me sober, I was NOT MYSELF ANYMORE!!!


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