Why We Use Addiction as a Substitute For Wholeness

At some point in life, we all become addicts. While that might sound like a bold statement, the reality is that addiction is rooted in our human nature – it’s part of the ‘package deal’ of having an ego! In this video, we explore what addiction has to do with the spiritual awakening process.

Contents & summary:

  • 0:00 – Introduction – what this video covers
  • 0:24 – What does addiction have to do with spiritual awakening?
  • 1:27 – Addiction and inner void (ego death)
  • 2:35 – Why we’re a world full of addicts
  • 2:56 – Addiction and the spiritual emergency
  • 3:32 – What is meta pathology?
  • 4:10 – ‘Spiritus contra spiritum’ – the deepest insight
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